Sheriff’s Investigation Photo Event

Sheriff Norris is always on the lookout for crime. He eats, breathes, drinks but not sleeps crime.

We all know the Sheriff never sleeps.

But he needs help! L.T is taking some well needed R&R and wants you to be Acting Deputy Sheriff.

He wants funny in-game screenshots, photos of your gaming set-ups playing Crime Boss: Rockay City, he wants Sheriff Norris cosplays (for some reason), he wants as many observations from Rockay City as possible, on photo format to stick on his BRAND-NEW corkboard!

Help the Sheriff out now!

All you have to do is submit your pictures via our @CrimeBossGame X (Twitter), our Reddit or via our Discord server using the hashtag #SheriffPics or mentioning you are submitting evidence as part of Sheriff Norris’s Investigation.

Each item of evidence will be placed on a real pin board and then placed on a real wall for real people to see – so the funnier the Crime Boss related images. THE BETTER!

But be quick about it – you only have until the 15th of September to send in your entries!

RockON Magazine – Rocking Your World Since… We Forget.

Welcome back loyal readers!

It’s been another whole month since you were last here! I know we missed you too!

In this edition we are helping support the Crime Boss: Rockay City FREE WEEKEND! I know, we’ve moved up in the world with a sponsorship deal! Not bad right!

So anyway, what we thought we would do is ask the people who know best about the game itself! The Community!

Us journos, we only know how to do two things – how to spell ‘available’ right the second time around and voicing our opinions! Yes, those pink floral pants look delightful on you…

SOOOOO, here we have it – our Tips and Tricks segment from the wise community people of  the Crime Boss: Rockay City Reddit!


Baker’s Battle is a rogue-lite campaign, so you are not expected to conquer Rockay City at your first (few) attempts. This is perfectly okay – you will still earn plenty of permanent perks that will make subsequent campaign runs more successful. (JohnBart)

Always take cover. Prepare to have nightmares about Michael Rooker’s kissing sounds. (ClearNPresentCowboy)

You can shoot armored truck cages to quickly open them up instead of meleeing them, this also applies to warehouse boxes. In case you need to start snatching things quick. (astralhunt)

Grand heists netting you the most money could be absolutely difficult at your first few runs, but don’t worry: as you gain additional perks and funds, so will they become easier over time. Again, it’s a roguelite game, and it’s okay to fail at your first few tries. (JohnBart)

First tip, you are going to die. And have to restart. Focus on leveling up your boss points. For career mode focus on Hielo first. Even if a territory a day, depending how aggressive you are. Turfs equal money. Invest that money in turf takeover or upgrading your weapons for your crew. (7600Squawk)

Don’t worry if you fail a story mission – most storylines have several branching and alternative paths which can lead to juicy rewards, even if you fail some of their missions at first. In addition, certain heisters (like Clutch or Wiz) can only be recruited if you take said alternative paths. (JohnBart)

General tip is always kill detectives like go out of your way to do so and also be nice to civis. (Coffeeandgreentea)

You can smack a cop around to make them surrender. Even do a few in a group if you’re quick enough. (DinosaurLion)

When playing stealthily, consider that every heist which features security cameras will have a security room located somewhere on the map. Make it a priority to find said room and disable the cameras, as doing so makes stealth a lot easier. (JohnBart)

Mark guards & even civilians at all times it will save you been seen on many occasions. (DiggyDoolans)

Cops guarding a place needs to be melee’d to get them to be intimidated, if you just intimidate them they’ll radio in and shoot you! (astralhunt)

During each run, make sure to fully upgrade a couple of heisters. This not only gives you strong teammates for more difficult jobs and grand heists, but you can also re-hire them in later campaign runs fully upgraded. Some heisters only require spending money on their promotions, while others (like Ranger and Jupiter) have their own story missions that you also need to complete. (JohnBart)

There are so many great suggestions shared, and you can find all of them LINKED RIGHT HERE!So please go and take a look!


From the 7th to the 11th of September, it’s time get those trigger fingers at the ready.

Find the most ghastly outfit from the 90s – from of your parents wardrobe (or from your own) and call up your best friends on the burger phone (or modern day equivalent).

因為你和你的好友們現在可以前往佛羅里達州的頭號旅遊勝地,進行各種搶地盤和犯罪活動 —《法外梟雄:滾石城》免費暢玩日來了!沒錯,那邊那位穿著閃亮亮粉紅連身裝的,穿這樣就對了,你現在可以由9月8日到11日在Epic 和 Xbox Series X|S 上免費暢玩《法外梟雄:滾石城》。

Take it solo in Baker Battle – the rogue-lite campaign where you take on the role of Travis Baker (Michael Madsen) – a man with his sights set on becoming the new King of Rockay City. Using strategy, cunning and a little fire power, you will carry out heists and take territory from rival gangs.




Crime Boss: Rockay City Free Weekend FAQ

Crime Boss: Rockay City will be available for free between September 7th and 11th.




"免費週末在所有平台的開始時間皆為香港時間 9 月 8 日凌晨12時。 (請注意,免費週末的開始時間因地區而異。) "


"免費週末在所有平台的結束時間香港時間 9 月 11 日下午 3 點。 (請注意,免費週末的結束時間因地區而異。) "


A: The Crime Boss: Rockay City Free Weekend applies to users on Epic Games Store and Xbox Series X/S.


A: PC users can access the Free Weekend through the Epic Games Store.

Xbox Series X|S 玩家可以造訪 Xbox Store 的商品頁面下載遊戲參與免費週末。需要 Xbox Live Gold 會員資格才能於線上遊玩。




您需要擁有 Xbox Live Gold 會員資格才能參與免費週末。

No subscription is required to access the Free Weekend on the Epic Games Store.




Thousands of $$$ of Cutting-Edge Hardware Found! Items Believed To Be Tied to Historical Heist! Rewards On Offer!

Rockay City, August 30th, 2023. 505 Games and the Rockay City Police Department are proud to report the seizure of gaming hardware worth thousands of dollars, after they were linked to money stolen in a high-profile heist 30 years ago.

The heist is thought to be the work of criminal mastermind Travis Baker. Known for his uncanny resemblance to actor Michael Madsen, Baker coordinated a series of heists throughout the 1990s. The money was thought to be gone for good, but a recent warehouse raid by the RCPD led to the seizure of a vast cache of gaming hardware and promotional merchandise. Forensic accountants suggest the value of the goods seized match perfectly with the total stolen in the infamous robbery*. Recovered items include:

  • 1 x Laptop from Intel (Razer Blade 16 Gaming Laptop)
  • 1 x Alienware AW2523HF Gaming Monitor ‘Dark Side of the Moon’
  • 1 x Combined package of:
    • Alienware 510H headset, Lunar Light,
    • 1 x Alienware 510K keyboard, Lunar Light,
    • 1 x Alienware 510M mouse, Dark Side of the Moon
  • 10 x Intel i7 CPUs
  • 10 x mophie snap+ juice packs
  • 10 x Majority Audio Bowfell Soundbars
  • 50 x Crime Boss on PS5
  • 50 x Crime Boss on Xbox
  • 30 x Crime Boss hat, T-Shirt and badge combo packs

The RCPD fears Baker will not take this loss lying down. Citizens are advised to follow 505’s social channels throughout September for further information. Rewards will be offered as an incentive.

In addition to the stash of gadgets, our detectives have been analysing this video and encourage all citizens in the strongest terms not to engage with, or honor the requests of this incredibly dangerous and volatile individual. Stay on the right side of the law, citizen!

Office of Sheriff C Norris (President of the Rockay Chamber of Kung-fu)

To be a part of the heist, please head to our HEIST HUNT WEBPAGE NOW and let the hunt begin!


Bosses of Rockay City. Update 3.0 is available on all platforms right blumming now!

There is a ton of stuff that’s been added to this update – new environments, improved stealth gameplay and randomized mission chains.



  • 新劇情和場景
    • 主線劇情和「即時任務」模式中皆會有小任務,隨著玩法和場景的不同,玩家也能有多樣體驗。
  • 初期尊敬度場景
    • 加油站

  • 中後期尊敬度場景
    • 汽車經銷商
    • 運鈔車隊

  • 改善潛行玩法
    • 增強潛行能力
    • 平衡AI隊友的感知和反應
    • 重新平衡滅音器
  • 「即時任務」中新增隨機任務事情  
    • 這是一種新的任務玩法:隨機任務事件劃分成三種難度,完成所有任務後即可獲得更多獎勵和尊敬度。
  • “New Blood” Urban Legend difficulty balance
    • 調整「都市傳說」中首個故事的任務難度。
  • Character missions’ persistency
    • The player’s progression through individual character missions is remembered through campaign runs, and a unique character dying in their character mission does not cause the plotline to reset – in the next campaign run, it resumes after the last successful character mission instead (or gives the maxed-out character if it was completed)
    • 故事主線只有在特殊角色進行任務時死亡的情況下才會重置,其餘則不會。
  • 在多人任務中新增「移除玩家」、「關閉語音」和「查看玩家資料」的選項
    • 各遊戲平台可能有所不同。只有開局者可以移除玩家。
  • 地盤保衛戰可以在沒有士兵的情況下進行遊玩
    • 觸地哥可以獨自執行防禦任務
  • 平衡遊戲中的經濟系統

想了解更多的最新消息, 請在此處前往我們的粉專頁面!

還有更多新內容會持續推出!你可以在我們的更新文章中搶先看看滾石城的未來計劃, 快來這裡看看!

Keep on Rockin’ Rockay!


Message from the editor.

Welcome to the latest edition of RockON Magazine. Your monthly dose of information and nonsense all in the same webpage. People thought it wasn’t possible but we went out to prove them all wrong!

For those of you who are new readers, RockON Magazine is Rockay City’s number one, two and three top magazine – all about Rockay City.

Our writers are specially trained in various styles of journalism – from TV and film, radio, the written word (which you will mostly find here) and also interpretive swimming. Yeah, all the top journos are big into that one.

Anyway, you are in for a treat in this months magazine!

The latest 2.0 update from Crime Boss: Rockay City arrived. If you haven’t already updated, make sure you do! And also what’s this? Free Tactical Weapons Pack DLC? Hold your horses, there’s a new gun in town! Or four…

Let’s get ready to RockON, Rockay!

Gordy Loardy,

Editor in Chief, RockON Magazine

Set Your Sights on These!

Hello, I’m Fran Anne McGann

The new Tactical Weapon Pack has caused quite the stir among the community of crime bosses – as it is currently being given out FREE for a limited time.

The four pack of weapons include the Bohema, a cheeky little number, a personal favourite of mine and slips into my purse with ease. It is an automatic pistol, easy to sneak into any bank

The semi-automatic rifle Slate 36, now this one is perfect if you have BIG BIG goals and want to make it like that Travis Baker fellow, so yeah, if you want to take over Rockay City, this is for you!

The Fiver Tactical is quite a fabulous looking handgun. You can’t go wrong with this weapon in your arsenal.

If you are looking to settle a dispute, or get a free meal from chicken barbeque, become besties with the Urban Sweeper. This  shotgun will easily sort out your more difficult predicaments.

RockON and Roll?

Hey there, I’m Axel Rod Pseudonym. I have been working on a new song and would like to try out the lyrics on you. Feedback is essential, so no holding back. If this goes well, I will record this and bring my rock music career back from the dead – where it has laid slain for almost half a decade.. rotting, festering, erm… bubbling, waiting to relive once more.

Anywhoooo, please read my words.  I name this piece – We Will Defend. (sounds emo and pretentious enough I thought).

Verse One

In the city of Rockay, the streets ignite,

A blaze of passion, neon lights so bright.

The rhythm of the people, hearts pounding strong.

In this electric jungle where dreams belong


Rockay City, we’ll soar high,

Like a bullet fired across the sky.

A life force that never ends,

In Rockay City we will defend.

Verse Two

Through back alleys and bustling crowds,

The sound of fighting, is ever loud.

Every district, a story to tell,

It’s the way of life, where criminals dwell.

Chorus, guitar solo, then verse 3 etc etc… you get the point, but that’s my starting point. I will carry this on and then record it if people think it’s good enough. But I guess it’s up to you all.

Thanks in advance for your feedback. -Alex

The News with Rory McGory

Update 2.0 is live! Here are some of the main features in the 2.0 update.

  • Police intensity in missions redesign (HEAT)
  • Dropped weapons can be picked up in FPS missions
  • Improved aim assist for controllers
  • The overall difficulty of the Baker’s Battle has been reduced.
  • 任務中戰利品的數量現在會隨著難度和參與的玩家數量而變化。.
  • 「即時任務」中的角色現在被派往任務時將獲得經驗,最後會獲得升級的資格。晉級能讓他們獲得更高的狀態數值和新特點。
  • 新增名為「放置炸彈」的事件生成任務類型。玩家完成此任務後,就能破壞敵人的地盤。
  • 遊戲中添加了讓人興奮的車庫環境。

There is much much more that has gone into the update. For the full list of patch notes, please visit our support page HERE!

還有更多新內容會持續推出!你可以在我們的更新文章中搶先看看滾石城的未來計劃, 快來這裡看看!

Watch all of your favourite RCTV shows over on our TikTok channel: CrimeBossGame.

Watch interviews with the stars, gameplay footage, real life at the Rockay City Police Department (rated 1 star on ClipAdvisor) and much much more!

Want to know more about Crime Boss: Rockay City? Follow our social channels!

TIKTOK: CrimeBossGame

TWITTER: CrimeBossGame

REDDIT: CrimeBossGame

DISCORD: CrimeBoss

PODCAST: Rockay City Talk Radio


滾石城的良好市民,我們要給一群出色的「法外梟雄」,限時免費送出我們的第一款付費武器包。 first paid Tactical Weapon Pack for FREE for a LIMITED TIME.


  • Slate 36: 半自動步槍,能奪下滾石城的最佳武器。
  • Fiver Tactical: 一把只配得上犯罪菁英,像藝術品般的手槍。
  • Bohema: An automatic pistol, easy to sneak into any bank
  • Urban Sweeper: 一把可以輕鬆解決街頭糾紛的霰彈槍,誰擁有它,誰就是老大。


Remember it’s only free for a limited time – so get going boss!

Thanks again for being the boss, buddies – enjoy the pew pews!






  • 重新設計任務中的警力 (熱度) - 現在起,在戰役模式中警方的熱度將根據玩家在任務中的行為而變動。例如,侵略性的玩法會引起執法部門的強烈反應。


  • 「即時任務」中的尊敬度狀態表 - 尊敬度狀態表將隨著任務成功而上升,隨著任務失敗而减少。尊敬度將影響可進行的任務、可使用的武器、普通角色等級、任務獎勵和熱度。當尊敬度到達「交遊廣闊」等級(共6個等級中的第2級)時,像是金錢列車、引進出口品、隱藏金庫或龍狗等大型任務將會成為常規任務出現在地圖上,而不只是契约。熱度也建立在尊敬度上。尊敬度越高,熱度也就越高,所以在遊戲為玩家提供了更多的任務和機會同時,這些任務也將變得更難完成。


  • FPS任務中掉落的武器可以撿起 - 現在起,你的隊友在你完成任務後仍會保留他們原來的武器。任何從地面上撿來的武器傷害都會減少。


  • 改善控制器的輔助瞄準 - 現在起,準星在接近目標時,靈敏度將會降低,輔助瞄準也會協助追蹤目標。


  • The overall difficulty of the Baker’s Battle has been reduced.


  • 任務中戰利品的數量現在會隨著難度和參與的玩家數量而變化。.


  • 「即時任務」中的角色現在被派往任務時將獲得經驗,最後會獲得升級的資格。晉級能讓他們獲得更高的狀態數值和新特點。


  • 新增名為「放置炸彈」的事件生成任務類型。玩家完成此任務後,就能破壞敵人的地盤。


  • 遊戲中添加了讓人興奮的車庫環境。


當然,更新還帶來更多內容, 想了解詳細的更新公告, 請從此處前往我們的支援頁面!

還有更多新內容會持續推出!你可以在我們的更新文章中搶先看看滾石城的未來計劃, 快來這裡看看!

Keep on Rockin’ Rockay!

來自INGAME STUDIOS的《法外梟雄:滾石城》更新

來自INGAME STUDIOS的《法外梟雄:滾石城》更新

The team at INGAME STUDIOS would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has joined Rockay City’s underground organized crime ring in an attempt to becoming the new Crime Boss! Some of you have made it already, some of you need more practice!


We’ve seen a lot of amazing videos including intense turf wars and nail-biting bank robberies, but we’ve also seen your comments and feedback. Rest assured, the team is watching and listening!


  • Baker’s Battle: 在單人劇情中扮演巴克(麥可·麥德森飾演),一步步築起自己的帝國。
  • 即時任務(快速遊玩): 想要踹門砸店、抓了就走的最佳選擇。充滿火熱動作、大場面,還有熱錢(單人與合作)。
  • 都市傳說: 用最強角色與武器體驗高風險高報酬的任務(單人與合作)。

Let’s get into the detail and check out what the team is working on right now:

  • 改善AI:你的AI隊友會更加積極幫助你(例如搜刮貨車時),並新增智慧標記功能,讓你將對他們的操控更靈活。
  • 控制器瞄準輔助。
  • 武器庫升級:可以賣出或升級武器。
  • Balanced difficulty in Baker’s Battle.
  • 改善戰役中角色任務的持續性:角色任務的進度將會被儲存下來。你將會從上一次進度中結束的點開始。
  • Introducing Difficulty options for Baker’s Battle.
  • 加入為隊友升級的選項。
  • 在「即時任務」模式(快速遊玩)中加入尊敬度等級
    • 罪惡時間中的尊敬度等級會隨著任務成功而增加,隨失敗而減少。
    • 尊敬度會影響罪惡時間模式下可參加的任務、可使用的武器和普通角色等級、任務獎勵和熱度(任務中的警力)。
    • When reaching the Respect Level “Connected” (the second of six levels), big missions, such as Money Train, Import Export, The Hidden Vault, Dragon Dogs can appear on the map as regular missions, instead of being available solely as contracts.
    • 在「即時任務」模式中,熱度會隨尊敬度變化。尊敬度越高,熱度也就越高。所以在遊戲提供更多機會的同時,這些任務也變得更難完成。尊敬度越低,熱度也就越低。
  • Invite your friends to big missions in Baker’s Battle: Get help from your friends in your single player campaign by inviting them to the challenging big heists!
  • 更多不同任務。
  • 改善玩家進度:
    • Improving player progression in Baker’s Battle.
    • 「即時任務」模式將有嶄新的玩家進度功能。
    • 解鎖道具。
    • And more…
  • 都市傳說增加隨機連鎖。
  • 專屬隊友在戰役中的持續性:專屬隊友在多個戰役中能保留晉級的狀態。
  • 使用者體驗、介面改善,包含改善遊戲體驗。
  • 多種不同最終地盤戰。
  • 你將能撿起敵人或朋友掉落的武器。


The next free update for Crime Boss: Rockay City is just around the corner. Right now, we can’t give you a firm date of what is coming and when, but we’ll keep you updated! In the meantime, let us give you a sneak peek of how the Respect Level will look in the Crime Time mode as well as a glimpse of one of the new environments.

An in development image from the game, Crime Boss: Rockay City. The image shows the inside look of a police station With a cluttered desk, filing cabinets and a cork board

An in development image of the game, Crime Boss: Rockay City. The image shows a map, with a number of icons. On the right side of the image, the words, "Money Train" appears with an image of a subway.


That’s enough from us for now. Time to take over some turf!

FAQ Guide (PS5 and Xbox Series X|S)

Welcome console players of Rockay City!

Here is a helpful FAQ guide to get you around Crime Boss: Rockay City. We will keep this guide up to date with the latest info as and when we receive commonly asked questions.

General Information

Which platforms is Crime Boss: Rockay City available?

Crime Boss: Rockay City is out now digitally on Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. It will launch on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S on September 5th for the physical edition.

Will there be Xbox Clubs and a PlayStation Hub for the community to join?

Yes there will be dedicated official community spaces for Xbox and PlayStation.

Do you have any plans for DLC post launch?

Our new Rockay’s Roadmap shows the future of Crime Boss: Rockay City and all of the exciting features that await the community.

Technical Questions – PlayStation 5

Where is the PlayStation Store page for Crime Boss: Rockay City?

You can find the store page here:

How much HDD space is required to install and run Crime Boss: Rockay City?


What resolutions and FPS will Crime Boss: Rockay City run at on PS5?

30 FPS in Quality Mode. 60 FPS in Performance Mode. 2160p (4K) HDR.

Is PS Plus required to play online?

Yes, you will need PS Plus.

Is there an Official PS Game Hub I can join?

Yes, there is an Official Hub you can join.

Does Crime Boss: Rockay City require an internet connection to play?

All game modes are playable offline, but you require an internet connection to play co-op with friends.

Does Crime Boss: Rockay City take advantage of Sony’s haptic controls / feedback?

Yes there is haptic controls / feedback.

Does Crime Boss: Rockay City take advantage of Sony’s activity cards on PS5?

Yes, there are activity cards.

Does Crime Boss: Rockay City have an unlockable Platinum trophy?

Yes, there is unlockable Platinum trophy.

Technical Questions – Xbox Series X|S

Where is the Xbox Store page for Crime Boss: Rockay City?

You can find the store page here:

How much HDD space is required to install and run Crime Boss: Rockay City?

Xbox Series X: 69.7GB

Xbox Series S: 69.8GB

What resolutions and FPS will Crime Boss: Rockay City run at on Xbox Series X?

30 FPS in Quality Mode. 60 FPS in Performance Mode. 2160p (4K) HDR.

What resolutions and FPS will Crime Boss: Rockay City run at on Xbox Series S?

30 FPS, 1440p

Is there an Official Xbox Club I can join?

Yes, there is an Official Xbox Club you can join.

Does Crime Boss: Rockay City have any unlockable achievements?

Yes, there are unlockable achievements.

Technical Questions – General

Where can I get technical support for Crime Boss: Rockay City?

Please visit our linktree for all available support options: crimebossgame | Twitter, TikTok | Linktree

Which languages does Crime Boss: Rockay City support?

English (including audio), French, Italian, German, Spanish – Spain, Portuguese – Brazil, Chinese – Simplified, Chinese – Traditional, Japanese, Korean, Russian

Will the console edition of Crime Boss: Rockay City have High Dynamic Range (HDR) support?

No, it will not have High Dynamic Range (HDR) support.

Does Crime Boss: Rockay City have Ray Tracing support?

No, Crime Boss: Rockay City does not have Ray Tracing support.

Does Crime Boss: Rockay City support local multiplayer?

No, Crime Boss: Rockay City does not support local multiplayer?

Does Crime Boss: Rockay City support online multiplayer?

Yes. It supports 4 player co-op.