Update 10 is OUT NOW on Steam and Epic Games


• New BANK layout to enhance the variety of missions.
• Level cap increased to 155.
• New Boss skin for THERESA (enhanced variant).
• New Boss skin for VAMP (enhanced variant).
• Rebalanced XP and cash rewards for all missions (mainly Multiplayer).



• Goldcup stealth gives full mission reward (previously reduced)
• Playing with friends (other people) gives XP bonus
• Bigger XP difference for completing a mission with 3 stars vs 1 star
• Special thanks to Flavio93Zena for cooperation on XP and cash reward rebalance
• Boss points increased for expensive assets (since they are one-time purchases) with tweaked prices and reduced unlock levels
• Dragon Dogs main area can be accessed even after progressing to lower sewers part

Gameplay Balance

• Sentry turret is stronger (boosted damage and health)
• Robot heister has lower HP (-20%)
• Camera jammer is uncommon and can be unlocked earlier.
• Sensor grenade is now a rare gadget.


• Loop of refreshing assets when all assets are bought is fixed.
• Achievements should correctly unlock when transferring saves from one system to another
• Character class modifiers for Damage Received and Holster Speed are now applied correctly
• “Don’t overheat the buzzsaw” bonus objective can now fail
• Typos fixed on dozens of locations
• Stability improvements
• Optimizations

Known issues

• Dragon dogs join in progress may end up in loading lock up, we are trying to determine reason why. Only in case there is full lobby.
• AI may slide in animation if doors are closed on their path.