INGAME STUDIOS敬献——《法外枭雄:滚石城》更新计划


The team at INGAME STUDIOS would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has joined Rockay City’s underground organized crime ring in an attempt to becoming the new Crime Boss! Some of you have made it already, some of you need more practice!


We’ve seen a lot of amazing videos including intense turf wars and nail-biting bank robberies, but we’ve also seen your comments and feedback. Rest assured, the team is watching and listening!


  • Baker’s Battle: 在单人战役中扮演贝克(迈克尔·马德森饰),帮助他一步步建立起自己的犯罪帝国。
  • 即时任务(快速游戏): 选好角色、装备后直接开干,搞点大动静,风险高,但来钱也快。(支持单人与多人)
  • 都市传说: 挑选你最中意的角色与最称手的武器,完成一系列高风险任务。(支持单人与多人)

Let’s get into the detail and check out what the team is working on right now:

  • 改进AI:AI队友会更加积极主动地提供协助(例如洗劫货车),使用更新后的智能标记 系统,玩家们将更好地控制队友的行动。
  • 手柄辅助瞄准。
  • 军火库大升级:可以售出和升级武器。
  • Balanced difficulty in Baker’s Battle.
  • 提高战役中角色任务的连贯性:角色任务的进度将会得到保存。可以在上次游玩结束 的地方接着继续游玩。
  • Introducing Difficulty options for Baker’s Battle.
  • 加入队友升级选项。
  • 在即时任务模式(快速游戏)中加入敬重度等级。
    • 在即时任务模式中,任务成功加敬重度等级,任务失败减敬重度等级
    • 在即时任务模式中,敬重度将影响可选择的任务、武器与普通角色等级、任务奖励以及关注度(任务中警方的强度)。
    • When reaching the Respect Level “Connected” (the second of six levels), big missions, such as Money Train, Import Export, The Hidden Vault, Dragon Dogs can appear on the map as regular missions, instead of being available solely as contracts.
    • 在即时任务模式中,警方关注度取决于你的敬重度。敬重度越高,警方的关注度也会相应变高,富贵险中求,游戏会为玩家提供更多机会,但相应的,难度也会更高。同理,敬重度越低,警方的关注度也会变低。
  • Invite your friends to big missions in Baker’s Battle: Get help from your friends in your single player campaign by inviting them to the challenging big heists!
  • 更多不同种类的任务。
  • 玩家进度优化:
    • Improving player progression in Baker’s Battle.
    • 为即时任务模式引入全新玩家进度机制。
    • 解锁更多物品。
    • And more…
  • 为都市传说加入更多随机连环事件。
  • 战役中独特队友进度继承:独特队友的进阶状态将在战役之间继承。
  • 优化用户体验以及UI,包括改进新手引导流程。
  • 更多不同的最终地盘战。
  • 可以从敌人以及队友那里拾取武器。


The next free update for Crime Boss: Rockay City is just around the corner. Right now, we can’t give you a firm date of what is coming and when, but we’ll keep you updated! In the meantime, let us give you a sneak peek of how the Respect Level will look in the Crime Time mode as well as a glimpse of one of the new environments.

An in development image from the game, Crime Boss: Rockay City. The image shows the inside look of a police station With a cluttered desk, filing cabinets and a cork board

An in development image of the game, Crime Boss: Rockay City. The image shows a map, with a number of icons. On the right side of the image, the words, "Money Train" appears with an image of a subway.


That’s enough from us for now. Time to take over some turf!