Bosses of Rockay City. Update 3.0 is available on all platforms right blumming now!

There is a ton of stuff that’s been added to this update – new environments, improved stealth gameplay and randomized mission chains.

Take a look below at just a few of the major additions to this update.


  • New scenarios and environments
    • Those missions appear in both the campaign and Crime Time and provide variety in both gameplay and environments.
  • Earlier respect levels
    • Gas Station.

  • Mid-to-late respect levels
    • Car Dealer
    • Truck Convoy

  • Improved stealth gameplay
    • Stronger stealth takedown
    • Balanced AI perception and reactions
    • Rebalance of silencers
  • Shuffle mission chains mode in Crime Time 
    • This is a new way to play missions: Randomized mission chains which come in three challenging difficulty tiers, that give greater rewards and respect points when fully completed
  • “New Blood” Urban Legend difficulty balance
    • Adjusted difficulty for first Urban Legend chain
  • Character missions’ persistency
    • The player’s progression through individual character missions is remembered through campaign runs, and a unique character dying in their character mission does not cause the plotline to reset – in the next campaign run, it resumes after the last successful character mission instead (or gives the maxed-out character if it was completed)
    • The plotline only resets when the unique character dies through regular means, and not in their character mission
  • Added option to kick/mute/examine profiles in missions in Multiplayer
    • This is dependent on the platform. Kicking is only available to hosts
  • Turf war Defence can be played without soldiers
    • Touchdown can go alone to the Defence mission
  • Balance changes to campaign economy

For the full list of patch notes, please visit our support page HERE!

There is still so much more to come! You can see a sneak peak the future of Rockay City in our updates article, which can be found HERE!

Keep on Rockin’ Rockay!