From ground zero against the VC to dodging tackles on the gridiron, this Halfback should have been a Hall-of-Famer. But a backstabbing team-owner forced him out of the league, sending Troy Dalton from the stadium to the streets. Now - alongside his lifelong pal, Travis Baker, Touchdown has a chance to run all his plays on one blood-soaked battlefield - Rockay City, baby! Whoo!



For the man only known as Nasara, the last month has been a blur - literally. Waking up on a beach with a knife in his back, and no memory of how he got there, would meaning 'Victory' - for a reason. And with the right backing, he'll see to it that all those responsible for his tribulations - are driven before him and crushed…



Eduardo Reyes has the scars to prove that serving as right-hand to the Crime King of Rockay - ain't easy. Years of perfect service put him in the beautiful position to enjoy life after 'the life' - one of few to secure a peaceful exit. But a world-shattering event pulls Dollar Dragon back down to the underbelly of Rockay - and this time around, he plans on taking the throne for himself - or breathing-fire and torching the whole damn castle trying…



A badass charmer from the wrong side of the tracks, this cowboy galloped into town - slangin' party-pills into the rave scene. Then BOOM! - the reigning Crime Boss gets blown to bits - now here comes Baker's shot to switch his nickname from Candyman to The King. Teaming up with 4 of the underworld's finest - while hiring a crime-army to grab turf and pull jobs, Baker plans on taking Rockay City by STORM.



A real-deal woman, super connected and whip-smart. A mover and shaker in every sense. She knows all the heavy-weights in town worth knowing, and that makes playing with Casey a high-value proposition. Mysterious about her past, but she'll get you in where it counts.



A legendary ass-kicking lawman who rides the dusty trail, beating back crime wherever it festers. Armed with his own brand of wisdom and justice - Sheriff Colt Norris is a deadeye when he gets you in his sights. You might say Sheriff Norris is on a mission from God. But you'd be wrong - because God is probably on a mission from Sheriff Norris.



Henry Hubbard is a hustler, from slinging actual ice in the scorching hills of his hometown - to pushing pills into the grills of the hottest party goers around. The way Hielo hustles and parties will school you - but don't let his joyful 'tude fool you. The way he sees life; the past is history, the future's a mystery, and the present - is a gift.



R.W. Stewart always had a rough relationship with the law. Trying to fix it from the inside, he became an cop. But shooting-straight can make you bent, and after some tough years - he was charged with a crime he didn't commit. Dismissed and disgraced, Gloves ditched his pursuit of peace, and now uses his connections and inside-info to assist those who walk the shady side of Rockay. When you put Gloves on - your hands stay clean.

New adventures await, buddy!

"Welcome to Rockay City, Florida – a city full of quirky characters, 90s gangster pop culture and cheesiest dialogues since VHS. Take on the role of the legendary Travis Baker in the single-player, rogue-lite campaign. Earn money in heists, manage a team of criminals and conquer the other gangs' territories to rule the underworld of Rockay City. Every strategic decision has its consequences – but failure doesn’t mean it’s over. Unlock permanent buff cards, to help you make the next run and complete your objective. Can your crime empire take over the city before Sheriff Norris stops you in your tracks?"

Image of Travis Barker staring intently
Photo of the Sheriff taped to the wall.

Heist, steal and rob it all!

"Become a notorious criminal legend in this tension-packed, over-the-top, first-person shooter. Use a wide range of weapons and equipment to combat police forces and rival gangs while you make off with the score! Go guns blazing or undetected with immersive stealth gameplay in highly randomized heists. Build your squad and successfully rob banks, hold up stores, raid armored trucks and more! The game comes with numerous big and medium heists, dozens of quick jobs and a variety of turfwar battles. Choose from 3 difficulty options to match your skill level."


Polaroid of a bag full of hard drives.

Be the top dog, solo or with friends.

Create and customize your own boss and become a true crime legend! Play offline with helpful bots or team up with friends in 4 player PVE co-op multiplayer. Earn money and experience in single missions, Shuffle mode or the mini-campaigns in Urban Legends. Find a reliable crew using quickplay matchmaking, session browser or by inviting your friends. Unlock weapons, equipment, skins and teammates by gaining XP for completing missions across single and multiplayer modes. Form a crew with your friends and climb to the top!

Polaroid of a bag full of hard drives.

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