BAKER'S BATTLE: Play as Baker in the single player campaign as he builds his empire using strategy, cunning, and fire power to systematically steal territory from rival gangs.

CRIME TIME: Your smash & grab go-to for hot action, big blasts, and fast cash (single player and co-op).

URBAN LEGENDS: Experience high-stakes missions, with the best characters & weapons that will take you places you've only dreamed of - and beyond....(single player & co-op).

July 25th, 2023​

  • Police intensity in missions redesign (HEAT).
  • Respect Stats in Crime Time.
  • Improved aim assist for controllers
  • And more!​​​

July 27th, 2023​

Up your strategy game with the first Tactical Weapon Pack for Crime Boss: Rockay City, including the following firearms:

  • Slate 36: A semi-automatic rifle which will help you taking over Rockay City!
  • Fiver Tactical: This handgun is a beauty of its own and will be with you until the end.
  • Bohema: Who does not like an automatic pistol, which you can easily sneak into any bank?
  • Urban Sweeper: Do you need to win an argument on the streets? This shotgun will be your best friend!

All weapons will be available in Baker’s Battle and Crime Time mode.

August 29th, 2023​

  • New scenarios and environments.
  • Improved stealth gameplay.
  • Shuffle mission chains mode in Crime Time.
  • And more!

September 14th, 2023​

  • Tactical ping added.
  • Buyback of weapons.
  • Aim Assist.
  • And more!

September 14th, 2023​

Scheme, steal, sneak away with the notorious Dollar Dragon!

Travis Baker (Michael Madsen), a distrustful and spiteful gangster, joins forces with his rival, Dollar Dragon (Danny Trejo) in the first Expansion Pack of Crime Boss: Rockay City. Steal the King’s gold and establish your legacy as the next Crime Boss.

(Please note, you can join another player’s Expansion Pack content without owning it. But you cannot host an Expansion Pack session without owning the DLC.)

  • Dragon’s Gold Cup Heist: Invade the heavily protected depot and steal the King’s gold! Playable in three different ways; each of them including a unique recon mission.
  • New Plotline: Dive into a brand-new plotline focusing on Dollar Dragon in the single player campaign, including a series of smaller missions which lead up to the big heist. If you master the plotline like a Crime Boss, Dollar Dragon will join your gang.
  • Crime Time Contract: Get your team together and take on the Gold Cup Heist in Crime Time mode.
  • Blue Dragon Character Skin: Rob in style in Crime Time with the exclusive Blue Dragon Character Skin!
  • 2 New Urban Legends Chains: Experience two new chains with your friends or solo, which lead up to the Gold Cup Heist.

October 30th, 2023​

  • Halloween themed content.
  • Crosshair toggle option added.
  • New scenarios.
  • And more!​​

November 9th, 2023​

Bring the pain with a new host of hard-hitting weapons included in the Heavy Hitters Pack for Crime Boss: Rockay City. The armoury includes:

  • Baseball Bat with Nails – Score a home run with added pain.
  • SAM-AF1 – For when you need an exotic touch to your self-defense.
  • Reaper’s Saw – And they say size does not matter.
  • Rufus – Classy and effective, since the Civil War.
  • Rufus Short – For increased efficiency in close quarters.
  • PDW – Personal defense at its finest.

All weapons will be available in Baker’s Battle and Crime Time mode.

December 5th, 2023​

  • Winter themed content.
  • New female heister models.
  • New missions.
  • And more!

February 7th, 2024​

  • Quick Join for Multiplayer.
  • Improved Tutorialisation.
  • Difficulty settings in MP.
  • And more!

April 16th, 2024​

  • New multiplayer progression system.
  • MP boss customization.
  • New missions.
  • And more!

June 18th, 2024

  • Bug fixes and quality of life improvements.
  • 3 difficulty settings (Baker’s Battle).
  • Turf War improvements.
  • Investigation overhaul.
  • Rewards for winning Baker’s Battle
  • Level Cap increased
    • New weapon combinations
    • Unique characters as multiplayer boss skins
    • Tier 2 Perks

June 18th, 2024

Heist, steal and rob it all!

Become a notorious criminal legend in this tension-packed, over-the-top, first-person shooter.

Use a wide range of weapons and equipment to combat police forces and rival gangs while you make off with the score! Go guns blazing or undetected with immersive stealth gameplay in highly randomized heists. Build your squad and successfully rob banks, hold up stores, raid armored trucks and more!

The game comes with numerous big and medium heists, dozens of quick jobs and a variety of turfwar battles. Choose from 3 difficulty options to match your skill level.

June 18th, 2024

A new threat is coming to Rockay City as the police force cooperates with a new rival – Cagnali Industries!

Stop Cagnali’s high-tech army’s rapid advancements before Rockay City becomes a totalitarian dystopia. Fight against a robot army in new big heists with brand new story, enemies, soundtrack and more!

(Please note, you can join another player’s Expansion Pack content without owning it but you cannot host an Expansion Pack session without owning the DLC.)


  • Big Heist – Cagnali’s Fortress: Infiltrate Cagnali’s HQ and destroy her factory.
  • Big Heist – Cyberstorm: Fight Cagnali’s army in an enormous street warfare.
  • New robot enemy archetype!
  • New Mission: Free your turfwar soldiers from the police.
  • Co-op Heists – invite your friends to play the new heists in all multiplayer modes!
  • Playable robot!
  • Brand new plotline with 90’s sci-fi themes – in roguelite mode and standalone.
  • New enemy gang – Scudos Elite.
  • New high-tech weapon – Scudomnion.
  • Thematic soundtrack.

UPDATE 10 (Baker’s Angels)​
July 2024

  • Unique Boss Skins.
  • And more!
  • More info coming soon!

UPDATE 11 (Legends)​
September 2024

  • New Characters.
  • And more!
  • More info coming soon!

UPDATE 12 (Nightmare)​
Q4 2024

  • Horde Mode
  • And more!
  • More info coming soon!

Winter Ops
Q1 2025​

  • New multiplayer mission.
  • And more!
  • More info coming soon!