From ground zero against the VC to dodging tackles on the gridiron, this Halfback should have been a Hall-of-Famer. But a backstabbing team-owner forced him out of the league, sending Troy Dalton from the stadium to the streets. Now - alongside his lifelong pal, Travis Baker, Touchdown has a chance to run all his plays on one blood-soaked battlefield - Rockay City, baby! Whoo!



For the man only known as Nasara, the last month has been a blur - literally. Waking up on a beach with a knife in his back, and no memory of how he got there, would meaning 'Victory' - for a reason. And with the right backing, he'll see to it that all those responsible for his tribulations - are driven before him and crushed…



Eduardo Reyes has the scars to prove that serving as right-hand to the Crime King of Rockay - ain't easy. Years of perfect service put him in the beautiful position to enjoy life after 'the life' - one of few to secure a peaceful exit. But a world-shattering event pulls Dollar Dragon back down to the underbelly of Rockay - and this time around, he plans on taking the throne for himself - or breathing-fire and torching the whole damn castle trying…



A badass charmer from the wrong side of the tracks, this cowboy galloped into town - slangin' party-pills into the rave scene. Then BOOM! - the reigning Crime Boss gets blown to bits - now here comes Baker's shot to switch his nickname from Candyman to The King. Teaming up with 4 of the underworld's finest - while hiring a crime-army to grab turf and pull jobs, Baker plans on taking Rockay City by STORM.



A real-deal woman, super connected and whip-smart. A mover and shaker in every sense. She knows all the heavy-weights in town worth knowing, and that makes playing with Casey a high-value proposition. Mysterious about her past, but she'll get you in where it counts.



A legendary ass-kicking lawman who rides the dusty trail, beating back crime wherever it festers. Armed with his own brand of wisdom and justice - Sheriff Colt Norris is a deadeye when he gets you in his sights. You might say Sheriff Norris is on a mission from God. But you'd be wrong - because God is probably on a mission from Sheriff Norris.



Henry Hubbard is a hustler, from slinging actual ice in the scorching hills of his hometown - to pushing pills into the grills of the hottest party goers around. The way Hielo hustles and parties will school you - but don't let his joyful 'tude fool you. The way he sees life; the past is history, the future's a mystery, and the present - is a gift.



R.W. Stewart always had a rough relationship with the law. Trying to fix it from the inside, he became an cop. But shooting-straight can make you bent, and after some tough years - he was charged with a crime he didn't commit. Dismissed and disgraced, Gloves ditched his pursuit of peace, and now uses his connections and inside-info to assist those who walk the shady side of Rockay. When you put Gloves on - your hands stay clean.

Novas aventuras esperam por você, parceiro!

"Boas-vindas a Rockay City, na Florida: uma cidade cheia de personagens excêntricos, invadida pela cultura pop dos gângsteres dos anos 90 e de diálogos bregas dos filmes. Assuma o papel do lendário Travis Baker em uma campanha roguelite para um só jogador. Ganhe dinheiro com roubos, gerencie uma equipe de criminosos e conquiste os territórios das outras gangues para dominar o submundo de Rockay City. Toda decisão tem suas consequências, mas o fracasso não significa que tudo está perdido. Desbloqueie cartas de bônus permanentes para ajudá-lo a concluir seus objetivos na próxima partida. Será que seu império do crime tomará conta da cidade antes que Sheriff Norris o impeça?"

Image of Travis Barker staring intently
Photo of the Sheriff taped to the wall.

Invada, assalte e leve tudo!

"Torne-se um criminoso notório neste jogo de tiro em primeira pessoa emocionante e exagerado. Use uma vasta gama de armas e equipamentos para combater a polícia e as gangues rivais enquanto fatura alto! Chegue atirando ou sem ser detectado com uma jogabilidade imersiva em grandes roubos imprevisíveis. Forme seu pelotão e roube bancos, lojas, caminhões blindados e muito mais! O jogo conta com vários roubos médios e grandes, trabalhos rápidos e batalhas por territórios. Escolha entre as 3 opções de dificuldade com base no seu nível de habilidade."


Polaroid of a bag full of hard drives.

Seja o maioral, jogando sozinho ou com os amigos.

"Crie e personalize seu próprio chefão do crime e torne-se uma lenda! Jogue offline com a ajuda de bots ou junte-se a 4 amigos no multijogador cooperativo JxA. Ganhe dinheiro e experiência nas missões solo, no modo Aleatório ou nas minicampanhas de Lendas Urbanas. Encontre um parceiro de equipe confiável usando o pareamento rápido, buscando por sessões ou sendo convidado por amigos. Desbloqueie armas, equipamentos, visuais e companheiros ganhando EXP por concluir missões nos modos solo e multijogador. Crie uma equipe com seus amigos e chegue ao topo!"

Polaroid of a bag full of hard drives.


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