Citizens of Rockay. A new update for Crime boss: Rockay City is now available.

There are so many additions to this update, we just wanted to highlight a few of the most interesting and significant features that were added. 

Please take a look at just a few of the heavy hitters!

  • Police intensity in missions redesign (HEAT) – In the Campaign Mode, HEAT now changes based on what players will do in the missions. For example, aggressive gameplay will provoke an aggressive reaction from the law enforcement.


  • Respect Stats in Crime Time – Respect Stats increase with successful missions and decrease with failed missions. Respect will affect available missions, weapons, generic character rank, mission rewards and HEAT. With a high Respect level big missions, such as Money Train, Import Export, The Hidden Vault, Dragon Dogs can appear on the map as regular missions, instead of being available solely as contracts. HEAT is based on respect. Higher Respect brings more HEAT – so while the game offers players more missions and opportunities, theses missions will become harder to complete.


  • Dropped weapons can be picked up in FPS missions – your teammates will now keep their original weapons after you have finished the mission. Any weapon that has been picked up from the ground, will have reduced damage.


  • Improved aim assist for controllers – The aiming sensitivity is now slowed down when aiming near a target and the aim assist now helps with tracking a target.


  • The overall difficulty of the Baker’s Battle has been reduced.


  • The number of loot bags in missions, now scales with the difficulty and the number of players involved.


  • Characters in Crime Time now gain experience from being sent to missions, and eventually become eligible for a promotion. The promotion gives them better stats and new perks.


  • Added an event spawning mission type called Place Bomb. When completed successfully, player will neutralize the enemy turf.


  • A new exciting Garage environment has been added to the game.


Of course there is much much more that has gone into the update. For the full list of patch notes, please visit our support page HERE!

There is still so much more to come! You can see a sneak peak the future of Rockay City in our updates article, which can be found HERE!

Keep on Rockin’ Rockay!