FREE WEAPON PACK! For a limited time! *Fist Bump*

Wonderful citizens of Rockay. For being such a fabulous bunch of crime bosses, we are giving away the first paid Tactical Weapon Pack for FREE for a LIMITED TIME.

The pack includes a varied selection of weapon types and will be available to use in both Baker’s Battle and Crime Time modes.

  • Slate 36: A semi-automatic rifle perfect for taking over Rockay City
  • Fiver Tactical: A beautiful handgun that serves as a trusty part of any criminal’s arsenal
  • Bohema: An automatic pistol, easy to sneak into any bank
  • Urban Sweeper: A shotgun that will easily settle any dispute on the streets in the wielder’s favor

This is to say thank you for being a wonderful community and for supporting us though the good, the bad and the future!

Remember it’s only free for a limited time – so get going boss!

Thanks again for being the boss, buddies – enjoy the pew pews!