Thousands of $$$ of Cutting-Edge Hardware Found! Items Believed To Be Tied to Historical Heist! Rewards On Offer!

Rockay City, August 30th, 2023. 505 Games and the Rockay City Police Department are proud to report the seizure of gaming hardware worth thousands of dollars, after they were linked to money stolen in a high-profile heist 30 years ago.

The heist is thought to be the work of criminal mastermind Travis Baker. Known for his uncanny resemblance to actor Michael Madsen, Baker coordinated a series of heists throughout the 1990s. The money was thought to be gone for good, but a recent warehouse raid by the RCPD led to the seizure of a vast cache of gaming hardware and promotional merchandise. Forensic accountants suggest the value of the goods seized match perfectly with the total stolen in the infamous robbery*. Recovered items include:

  • 1 x Laptop from Intel (Razer Blade 16 Gaming Laptop)
  • 1 x Alienware AW2523HF Gaming Monitor ‘Dark Side of the Moon’
  • 1 x Combined package of:
    • Alienware 510H headset, Lunar Light,
    • 1 x Alienware 510K keyboard, Lunar Light,
    • 1 x Alienware 510M mouse, Dark Side of the Moon
  • 10 x Intel i7 CPUs
  • 10 x mophie snap+ juice packs
  • 10 x Majority Audio Bowfell Soundbars
  • 50 x Crime Boss on PS5
  • 50 x Crime Boss on Xbox
  • 30 x Crime Boss hat, T-Shirt and badge combo packs

The RCPD fears Baker will not take this loss lying down. Citizens are advised to follow 505’s social channels throughout September for further information. Rewards will be offered as an incentive.

In addition to the stash of gadgets, our detectives have been analysing this video and encourage all citizens in the strongest terms not to engage with, or honor the requests of this incredibly dangerous and volatile individual. Stay on the right side of the law, citizen!

Office of Sheriff C Norris (President of the Rockay Chamber of Kung-fu)

To be a part of the heist, please head to our HEIST HUNT WEBPAGE NOW and let the hunt begin!


Bosses of Rockay City. Update 3.0 is available on all platforms right blumming now!

There is a ton of stuff that’s been added to this update – new environments, improved stealth gameplay and randomized mission chains.



  • 新任务,新场景
    • 新加入的任务在单人战役和“即时任务”中均会出现,为玩家提供更加多样的场景以及游玩体验。
  • 前期敬重度关卡
    • 加油站

  • 中后期敬重度关卡
    • 车行
    • 卡车车队

  • 优化潜行机制
    • 更强力的潜行击倒
    • 对AI的感知和反应进行了平衡
    • 对消音器进行了重新平衡
  • 在“即时任务”中加入了随机任务模式  
    • 这是一种新游戏模式:会出现三种不同挑战难度下的随机任务,全部完成后,将会为玩家们提供更丰厚的奖励以及更多敬重度。
  • “New Blood” Urban Legend difficulty balance
    • 对首个都市传说线的难度进行了调整
  • Character missions’ persistency
    • The player’s progression through individual character missions is remembered through campaign runs, and a unique character dying in their character mission does not cause the plotline to reset – in the next campaign run, it resumes after the last successful character mission instead (or gives the maxed-out character if it was completed)
    • 只有独特角色以正常途径死亡后,故事线才会重置。
  • 在多人游戏中,加入了踢出/禁言/查看档案几个选项。
    • 不同平台的选项可能不同。只有房主才能够踢人。
  • 没有士兵也能进行地盘防御战。
    • 杜唐能够单独参与防御任务。
  • 对战役经济系统进行平衡。



Keep on Rockin’ Rockay!


Message from the editor.

Welcome to the latest edition of RockON Magazine. Your monthly dose of information and nonsense all in the same webpage. People thought it wasn’t possible but we went out to prove them all wrong!

For those of you who are new readers, RockON Magazine is Rockay City’s number one, two and three top magazine – all about Rockay City.

Our writers are specially trained in various styles of journalism – from TV and film, radio, the written word (which you will mostly find here) and also interpretive swimming. Yeah, all the top journos are big into that one.

Anyway, you are in for a treat in this months magazine!

The latest 2.0 update from Crime Boss: Rockay City arrived. If you haven’t already updated, make sure you do! And also what’s this? Free Tactical Weapons Pack DLC? Hold your horses, there’s a new gun in town! Or four…

Let’s get ready to RockON, Rockay!

Gordy Loardy,

Editor in Chief, RockON Magazine

Set Your Sights on These!

Hello, I’m Fran Anne McGann

The new Tactical Weapon Pack has caused quite the stir among the community of crime bosses – as it is currently being given out FREE for a limited time.

The four pack of weapons include the Bohema, a cheeky little number, a personal favourite of mine and slips into my purse with ease. It is an automatic pistol, easy to sneak into any bank

The semi-automatic rifle Slate 36, now this one is perfect if you have BIG BIG goals and want to make it like that Travis Baker fellow, so yeah, if you want to take over Rockay City, this is for you!

The Fiver Tactical is quite a fabulous looking handgun. You can’t go wrong with this weapon in your arsenal.

If you are looking to settle a dispute, or get a free meal from chicken barbeque, become besties with the Urban Sweeper. This  shotgun will easily sort out your more difficult predicaments.

RockON and Roll?

Hey there, I’m Axel Rod Pseudonym. I have been working on a new song and would like to try out the lyrics on you. Feedback is essential, so no holding back. If this goes well, I will record this and bring my rock music career back from the dead – where it has laid slain for almost half a decade.. rotting, festering, erm… bubbling, waiting to relive once more.

Anywhoooo, please read my words.  I name this piece – We Will Defend. (sounds emo and pretentious enough I thought).

Verse One

In the city of Rockay, the streets ignite,

A blaze of passion, neon lights so bright.

The rhythm of the people, hearts pounding strong.

In this electric jungle where dreams belong


Rockay City, we’ll soar high,

Like a bullet fired across the sky.

A life force that never ends,

In Rockay City we will defend.

Verse Two

Through back alleys and bustling crowds,

The sound of fighting, is ever loud.

Every district, a story to tell,

It’s the way of life, where criminals dwell.

Chorus, guitar solo, then verse 3 etc etc… you get the point, but that’s my starting point. I will carry this on and then record it if people think it’s good enough. But I guess it’s up to you all.

Thanks in advance for your feedback. -Alex

The News with Rory McGory

Update 2.0 is live! Here are some of the main features in the 2.0 update.

  • Police intensity in missions redesign (HEAT)
  • Dropped weapons can be picked up in FPS missions
  • Improved aim assist for controllers
  • The overall difficulty of the Baker’s Battle has been reduced.
  • 任务中战利品袋的数量现在会随难度以及玩家数量而变化。.
  • 犯罪事件中的角色现在可以通过执行任务获得经验值,并最终获得进阶资格。进阶后,他们会获得更强的属性和新的增益效果。
  • 增加了一个名为炸弹放置的事件生成任务类型。成功完成后,玩家能让敌人失去地盘。
  • 游戏中增加了一个超棒的新车库环境。

There is much much more that has gone into the update. For the full list of patch notes, please visit our support page HERE!


Watch all of your favourite RCTV shows over on our TikTok channel: CrimeBossGame.

Watch interviews with the stars, gameplay footage, real life at the Rockay City Police Department (rated 1 star on ClipAdvisor) and much much more!

Want to know more about Crime Boss: Rockay City? Follow our social channels!

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PODCAST: Rockay City Talk Radio


滚石城的良好市民。为了助你迅速上位,成为真正傲视群雄的黑帮头子,我们将限时免费赠送第一款付费武器包。 first paid Tactical Weapon Pack for FREE for a LIMITED TIME.


  • Slate 36:非常适合拿来征服滚石城的半自动步枪
  • Fiver Tactical:造型优美的手枪,犯罪分子最爱的靠谱武器
  • Bohema:助你轻松侵入任何银行的半自动手枪
  • Urban Sweeper:助你抢占先机、轻松解决街头纠纷的散弹枪


Remember it’s only free for a limited time – so get going boss!

Thanks again for being the boss, buddies – enjoy the pew pews!






  • 任务中的警察强度重新设计(关注度) -在战役模式中,警方关注度现在会根据玩家在任务中的行为而发生改变。例如,激进的玩法会引起执法部门的强烈反应。


  • 犯罪时间中的敬重度 -敬重度会随着任务的成功而增加,随着任务的失败而减少。敬重度将影响可用的任务、武器、一般角色等级、任务奖励以及关注度。敬重度达到“左右逢源”(6级中的第2级)后,金钱列车、进出口、隐秘金库、龙犬等会作为常规任务出现在地图上,而不是仅仅作为合约出现。关注度是以敬重度为基础的。更高的敬重度也会带来更高的关注度——因此游戏在为玩家提供更多的任务和机会时,也会增加这些任务的难度。


  • FPS任务中掉落武器可拾取-你的队友现在会在你完成任务后保留他们原有的武器。任何拾取的武器伤害都会有所降低。


  • 控制器的瞄准辅助优化-当瞄准目标附近时,瞄准灵敏度现在会降低,瞄准辅助现在可以协助跟踪目标。


  • The overall difficulty of the Baker’s Battle has been reduced.


  • 任务中战利品袋的数量现在会随难度以及玩家数量而变化。.


  • 犯罪事件中的角色现在可以通过执行任务获得经验值,并最终获得进阶资格。进阶后,他们会获得更强的属性和新的增益效果。


  • 增加了一个名为炸弹放置的事件生成任务类型。成功完成后,玩家能让敌人失去地盘。


  • 游戏中增加了一个超棒的新车库环境。


当然了,更新内容绝不止这些。 想了解更多更新补丁内容的话,可以去访问我们的支持网页。


Keep on Rockin’ Rockay!

INGAME STUDIOS敬献——《法外枭雄:滚石城》更新计划


The team at INGAME STUDIOS would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has joined Rockay City’s underground organized crime ring in an attempt to becoming the new Crime Boss! Some of you have made it already, some of you need more practice!


We’ve seen a lot of amazing videos including intense turf wars and nail-biting bank robberies, but we’ve also seen your comments and feedback. Rest assured, the team is watching and listening!


  • Baker’s Battle: 在单人战役中扮演贝克(迈克尔·马德森饰),帮助他一步步建立起自己的犯罪帝国。
  • 即时任务(快速游戏): 选好角色、装备后直接开干,搞点大动静,风险高,但来钱也快。(支持单人与多人)
  • 都市传说: 挑选你最中意的角色与最称手的武器,完成一系列高风险任务。(支持单人与多人)

Let’s get into the detail and check out what the team is working on right now:

  • 改进AI:AI队友会更加积极主动地提供协助(例如洗劫货车),使用更新后的智能标记 系统,玩家们将更好地控制队友的行动。
  • 手柄辅助瞄准。
  • 军火库大升级:可以售出和升级武器。
  • Balanced difficulty in Baker’s Battle.
  • 提高战役中角色任务的连贯性:角色任务的进度将会得到保存。可以在上次游玩结束 的地方接着继续游玩。
  • Introducing Difficulty options for Baker’s Battle.
  • 加入队友升级选项。
  • 在即时任务模式(快速游戏)中加入敬重度等级。
    • 在即时任务模式中,任务成功加敬重度等级,任务失败减敬重度等级
    • 在即时任务模式中,敬重度将影响可选择的任务、武器与普通角色等级、任务奖励以及关注度(任务中警方的强度)。
    • When reaching the Respect Level “Connected” (the second of six levels), big missions, such as Money Train, Import Export, The Hidden Vault, Dragon Dogs can appear on the map as regular missions, instead of being available solely as contracts.
    • 在即时任务模式中,警方关注度取决于你的敬重度。敬重度越高,警方的关注度也会相应变高,富贵险中求,游戏会为玩家提供更多机会,但相应的,难度也会更高。同理,敬重度越低,警方的关注度也会变低。
  • Invite your friends to big missions in Baker’s Battle: Get help from your friends in your single player campaign by inviting them to the challenging big heists!
  • 更多不同种类的任务。
  • 玩家进度优化:
    • Improving player progression in Baker’s Battle.
    • 为即时任务模式引入全新玩家进度机制。
    • 解锁更多物品。
    • And more…
  • 为都市传说加入更多随机连环事件。
  • 战役中独特队友进度继承:独特队友的进阶状态将在战役之间继承。
  • 优化用户体验以及UI,包括改进新手引导流程。
  • 更多不同的最终地盘战。
  • 可以从敌人以及队友那里拾取武器。


The next free update for Crime Boss: Rockay City is just around the corner. Right now, we can’t give you a firm date of what is coming and when, but we’ll keep you updated! In the meantime, let us give you a sneak peek of how the Respect Level will look in the Crime Time mode as well as a glimpse of one of the new environments.

An in development image from the game, Crime Boss: Rockay City. The image shows the inside look of a police station With a cluttered desk, filing cabinets and a cork board

An in development image of the game, Crime Boss: Rockay City. The image shows a map, with a number of icons. On the right side of the image, the words, "Money Train" appears with an image of a subway.


That’s enough from us for now. Time to take over some turf!

FAQ Guide (PS5 and Xbox Series X|S)

Welcome console players of Rockay City!

Here is a helpful FAQ guide to get you around Crime Boss: Rockay City. We will keep this guide up to date with the latest info as and when we receive commonly asked questions.

General Information

Which platforms is Crime Boss: Rockay City available?

Crime Boss: Rockay City is out now digitally on Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. It will launch on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S on September 5th for the physical edition.

Will there be Xbox Clubs and a PlayStation Hub for the community to join?

Yes there will be dedicated official community spaces for Xbox and PlayStation.

Do you have any plans for DLC post launch?

Our new Rockay’s Roadmap shows the future of Crime Boss: Rockay City and all of the exciting features that await the community.

Technical Questions – PlayStation 5

Where is the PlayStation Store page for Crime Boss: Rockay City?

You can find the store page here:

How much HDD space is required to install and run Crime Boss: Rockay City?


What resolutions and FPS will Crime Boss: Rockay City run at on PS5?

30 FPS in Quality Mode. 60 FPS in Performance Mode. 2160p (4K) HDR.

Is PS Plus required to play online?

Yes, you will need PS Plus.

Is there an Official PS Game Hub I can join?

Yes, there is an Official Hub you can join.

Does Crime Boss: Rockay City require an internet connection to play?

All game modes are playable offline, but you require an internet connection to play co-op with friends.

Does Crime Boss: Rockay City take advantage of Sony’s haptic controls / feedback?

Yes there is haptic controls / feedback.

Does Crime Boss: Rockay City take advantage of Sony’s activity cards on PS5?

Yes, there are activity cards.

Does Crime Boss: Rockay City have an unlockable Platinum trophy?

Yes, there is unlockable Platinum trophy.

Technical Questions – Xbox Series X|S

Where is the Xbox Store page for Crime Boss: Rockay City?

You can find the store page here:

How much HDD space is required to install and run Crime Boss: Rockay City?

Xbox Series X: 69.7GB

Xbox Series S: 69.8GB

What resolutions and FPS will Crime Boss: Rockay City run at on Xbox Series X?

30 FPS in Quality Mode. 60 FPS in Performance Mode. 2160p (4K) HDR.

What resolutions and FPS will Crime Boss: Rockay City run at on Xbox Series S?

30 FPS, 1440p

Is there an Official Xbox Club I can join?

Yes, there is an Official Xbox Club you can join.

Does Crime Boss: Rockay City have any unlockable achievements?

Yes, there are unlockable achievements.

Technical Questions – General

Where can I get technical support for Crime Boss: Rockay City?

Please visit our linktree for all available support options: crimebossgame | Twitter, TikTok | Linktree

Which languages does Crime Boss: Rockay City support?

English (including audio), French, Italian, German, Spanish – Spain, Portuguese – Brazil, Chinese – Simplified, Chinese – Traditional, Japanese, Korean, Russian

Will the console edition of Crime Boss: Rockay City have High Dynamic Range (HDR) support?

No, it will not have High Dynamic Range (HDR) support.

Does Crime Boss: Rockay City have Ray Tracing support?

No, Crime Boss: Rockay City does not have Ray Tracing support.

Does Crime Boss: Rockay City support local multiplayer?

No, Crime Boss: Rockay City does not support local multiplayer?

Does Crime Boss: Rockay City support online multiplayer?

Yes. It supports 4 player co-op.


Check it out now, you console brothers! Right about now, you console brothers!

Get Crime Boss: Rockay City On PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, RIGHT ABOUT NOW and party like it’s the 1990s!

You can get the game by following the links below!

PS5: 🌴


If you are new to RockON Magazine, you will be glad to hear that we are a group of seasoned professional journalists who really do take the time to research our articles and put out the best face of Rockay City forward.

For those of you who have already read the magazine, you will know that what we just said, is a load of rubbish.

As console players, you will be new to Rockay City, so here is our quick tour around the amazing City of Rockay!

Sheriff Norris has come to town!

Rockay City has recently acquired a new Sheriff, Sheriff Norris!

A former Marine and modern-day ranger, Sheriff Norris won’t stand for crime and has promised to crush everyone who crosses the law!

Welcome to Rockay City Sheriff! Please concentrate on eating donuts (and you lot out there better hope he avoids your illegal activities). Because the donuts he eats are made of steel, and he wants to take a bite out of crime.

RockON Magazines Top 5 Rockay Destinations

Nautilus Keys – The luxurious suburban Nautilus Keys is full of posh condos – full of fancy expensive furniture and designer clothing. These are the kind of places no one from the RockON team could possibly afford. But we can afford telescopes.

Rockay Port – Rockay port is often called the “Cargo Gateway of the Americas“. We at RockON Magazine don’t know what that means, but we suspect it has something to do with cargo pants. It’s also the busiest cruise port in the world in both passenger traffic and cruise lines. Time for that vaycay!

Swamp Road – Swamp Road was the first part of land to be reclaimed from the Everglades over a century ago. It now consists of industrial sites, shopping carts and unsavoury characters – like our editor in chief.

City Beach – Surfing, ice creams, sandy beaches, empty soda cups blowing in the breeze. It’s not the most glamourous of places, but you won’t find many tourists here – mainly due to the constant turf wars, so the beaches are always empty – happy days!

City Center – The center of Rockay City has an impressive waterfront with walkable sections. The city’s memorable skyline of towers offers wonderful views of the islands, the gulf, and your uncle Dave failing at white swimming trunks in his back yard.

When our reporters have very little to do, we often must find things for them to do. This is one of those times. We sent our Miscellaneous Topics Reporter, Karl McGnal to DownTown to mingle with the locals and hopefully come back alive and write us a report on why neon signs… are a thing!

A Sign Of Things To Come?

Star sign, neon signs, what do they mean? Some would say they mean absolutely nothing – but we at RockON magazine think they mean something, and want to make a loosely threaded story out of it. So, we sent our Miscellaneous Topics Reporter (who is from the UK) out onto the streets of Downtown Rockay to see what information he could acquire from the residents. 

Report by Karl McGnal

Alright, so neon lights, yeah? They are like the opposite of natural, aren’t they… I mean, you don’t see neon lights in the jungle. But they are a bit like artificial stars. But here’s the thing – I don’t think neon lights are as impressive as stars. I mean they are all bright and all, but they are just tubes filled with gas that have been electrified. Plus, they’re always advertising something. It’s all, buy this, eat that, come and watch this. It’s like they are shouting at your eyes. I guess that’s the point. I guess that’s the point of why I’m here asking people what neon signs they like. I forgot that’s why I was doing this you know.

Clive McHive is a Pisces and says he likes a Cactus neon sign… this doesn’t tell me anything. One of these like the water, the other one doesn’t like water. I killed a cactus once when I over watered it. It wasn’t even mine. I was housesitting for a neighbour. They have since moved from the area.

Rory McGory told me he has a neon coffee sign… because he used to own a coffee shop – and then he said he was an Aquarius. At least that makes a bit of sense. Aquarius sounds like a fancy brand of mineral water to me, and they only sell expensive water in coffee shops.

A word from our sponsor.


Watch all of your favourite RCTV shows over on our TikTok channel: CrimeBossGame.

Watch interviews with the stars, gameplay footage, real life at the Rockay City Police Department (rated 1 star on ClipAdvisor) and much much more!

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RockON Magazines Top Places to Eat Out in Rockay!

Tom’s Pizza – If you deviate from the menu that’s when things start to go wrong. Our features editor once asked for anchovies – that was a year ago and they still have an indentation on their forehead shaped like a block of cheese. So as long as you like Margarita, Margarita with extra cheese and Margarita with no base – it’s just a box of melted cheese, then you should be fine. 

Chicken Barbeque – The RockON team have yet to have food poisoning here, so that’s a good sign – It’s also why it made the list! As for the food itself, it’s chicken. It’s just like how your mother (a mother who you really hate) used to make food – greasy, crunchy and unidentifiable. 

That Taco Place Around The Corner – We did not get diarrhoea. 11 thumbs up!

In the next issue of RockON Magazine!

MODES MODES MODES! Nasara Uncovered! …and much much more!



Now PS5 and Xbox Series X|S players can take on the might of Rockay City – a thriving metropolis, full of excitement and sunshine. From the buzzing sandy bay to the towering skyscrapers, dreams are made in Rockay City.

But beyond the neon lights and the glamour, there is a fierce turf war raging on…

PS5: 🌴


After the demise of the previous crime boss, there’s an open vacancy for a new King of Rockay City – but it isn’t just you who is fighting for the throne. Choose your crew based on their skills and expertise, and execute daring missions with the hopes of walking away with the cash, the turf and, ultimately, the crown.

Rockay is full of wild and mysterious characters – From the charismatic Travis Baker (Michael Madsen) and his team of planners and handlers (Michael Rooker, Kim Basinger, Danny Glover and Damion Poitier), to rival gang bosses (Danny Trejo and Vanilla Ice) and the righteous Sheriff Norris (Chuck Norris): it’s not what you know, but who you know.

We cannot wait to welcome all of the new players into Rockay city and our Crime Boss family! If you haven’t already, why not say hello in the official Crime Boss Discord HERE. Meet bosses from all across the globe with one thing in common – trying to take the Rockay City thrown! If you need people to play multiplayer with, this is also the place to be! Also our very own Damion Poitier who plays Nasara, will often make a special appearances in Discord for Q&As, livestreams and events.

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Have thoughts on the Crime Boss: Rockay City? Please let us know over on our dedicated Feedback Site. 

So, on behalf of everyone at the Rockay City Tourist Board, welcome to Rockay City!  


This issue of RockON Magazine is sponsored by Summer Drops – the refreshing fruit beverage, made from -5% real fruit juice. Remember, when summer drops, drink Summer Drops!

Welcome back citizens of Rockay!

Wow isn’t this wild! We have just announced that Crime Boss: Rockay City – the game about the amazing place that we live in – is being released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on digital format on June 15th and on physical format on September 5th.

Everyone at RockON Magazine are excited to welcome new readers to the RockON family!

Not only will you get to read some of the finest articles no money can buy – because it’s a free magazine, but also you will get some truly magnificent journalism from people who nobody has heard of, but knows a ton about Rockay City.

We also have a vast array of guest contributors – our friends in the Crime Boss Reddit and Discord and our truly awful blog writers, Karl and Fran Ann.

It wouldn’t be a free magazine, without an oversized word search to fill up the pages. You can tell when no cats are stuck up trees, when one of the magazine’s main features is a massive square with semi-randomized letters.



When the Rockay weather is doing that rain thing and our reporters have to stay inside where we can unfortunately see them – we need to find simple tasks for them to do. We gave Karl McGnal the task of writing about why the gaming world ADORES, Crime Boss: Rockay City.

Report by Karl McGnal

Yeah Crime Boss, it’s alright! You know, I was watching this documentary the other day about elephants. They are amazing animals, aren’t they? They can live for 70 years, they can remember things for a long time.

But there was one thing that bothered me about them. They are huge. They weigh up to six tons and they can grow up to four meters tall. They need a lot of space and food and water to survive. And they produce a lot of dung. Imagine having one of them in your house. It would be a nightmare.

That’s why I don’t understand this expression that people use sometimes: “the elephant in the room”. They say it when there is something obvious that everyone knows but no one wants to talk about. Like if someone has a big nose or a bad haircut or you like something other people said was bad.

They say “let’s address the elephant in the room” and then they bring up the topic. But why do they use an elephant for that? It doesn’t make any sense. If there was an actual elephant in the room, everyone would notice it and talk about it. It would be impossible to ignore.

You would have to deal with it right away. You would have to call the animal control or the zoo or something. You wouldn’t just pretend it wasn’t there.

I think they should use a different animal for that expression. Something smaller and quieter and less noticeable. Then it would make more sense. You could say “let’s address the worm in the room”. And then you could talk about the thing that you don’t want to talk about.

Wait… what was I writing about again?


A Bag of Tricks – When grabbing loot, don’t collect a bag and move it, one or two at a time. Instead just keep on collecting and throw bags on the floor. Call team to you if needed. AI will pick up the bags and bring it to van. After you have cleaned out the location (or it’s getting too hot for comfort) grab the last bag or two and go to the van. (NLxAROSA)

Neighbourhood Watch – You can take over multiple turfs with a single attack; separate a neighbourhood from the rest of the gang’s territory. (rtkz)

Fool Me Once – Guards can be intimidated. Gang members and police can not and must be killed or avoided. This may be obvious to some but it took me awhile to realize. (HammondsAmmonds)

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