Coming June 15th to Xbox Series X|S and PS5!

PLUS – The Roadmap You’ve All Been Waiting For!

Citizens of Rockay!

The digital version of Crime Boss: Rockay City will be available on June 15th on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5! The physical version will be coming on September 5th.

Wishlist on PS5 HERE and on XBOX HERE

Our Roadmap to Rockay!

Below is Season 1 of Rockay’s Roadmap. This roadmap shows what we have coming up in the next few months and into next year – since our release on the Epic Games Store.

We hope this glimpse into the future of Crime Boss: Rockay City will keep you enticed as well as excited for what’s to come.

The roadmap shows what can be expected – up to Q2 of 2024 and consists of a vast array of free updates, paid DLCs and expansion packs. This is Season 1 of Rockay’s Roadmap – so you can expect to see much more from Crime Boss: Rockay City in the future.

Note della patch di Crime Boss: Rockay City (Epic Games Store)

Numero patch (9 maggio 2023)

Cittadini di Rockay, siamo lieti di condividere con voi le note della patch dell'ultimo aggiornamento per Crime Boss.

Notate che questa patch migliora considerevolmente i tempi di caricamento nel gioco, il che richiederà un nuovo download completo del gioco. Grazie per la comprensione! 

In evidenza:

Tempi di caricamento migliorati!
We converted the game’s data into a new format allowing us to load things faster! (Up to 2x faster)
Inoltre, ora pre-caricheremo armi, personaggi dei giocatori e nemici mentre vi trovate nella Lobby.

Seguendo il feedback della community, abbiamo implementato regolazioni importanti al bilanciamento di tutto il gioco.

Migliorata la varietà delle missioni

- Nuovi ambienti per la Guerra territoriale (4) aggiunti per l'ultimo scontro territoriale. Ciascun boss ora ha un ambiente unico per l'ultimo scontro territoriale.

-New environments (3) added to the “Robbery” mission type.

-New environments (3) added to the “Robbery” mission type.

- Migliorata la creazione di missioni Colpo piccolo

Bug risolti e modifiche:

- DLSS aggiornato alla versione 3.1.0a

- XeSS aggiornato alla versione 1.2.6

- Tulip aggiunto come personaggio a Leggende urbane: Sinfonia segreta.

-New boss office level – Between level 1 and level 2. Cheaper than level 2 but already changing visuals.

- La distribuzione delle missioni da soldi è cambiata per generare una varietà maggiore di missioni.

- Le risorse ora mostrano informazioni riguardo i punti boss ricevuti e i punteggi.

- L'acquisto delle armi e l'evento delle armi al mercato nero ora si sbloccano dopo aver completato l'introduzione, e non dopo aver completato Espansione facile.

- Si possono ingaggiare soldati fin dal primo giorno (dopo aver completato Espansione facile una volta).

-“Soldiers hired” notification removed.

- Ora la gang di italiani inizia prima l'espansione.

- Più variazioni dei punti di pattugliamento nelle missioni delle campagne.

- La missione Treno di soldi ha più obiettivi granulari per portare i giocatori a spegnere l'incendio.

-Weapons of more favourable rarity are available to players sooner in the “Crime Time” shop due to a balance update.

-Teammates with more favourable rarity can be hired in “Crime Time” sooner due to a balance update.

- Adesso le granate nemiche emettono un segnale acustico.

- I preset delle missioni della campagna sono stati ottimizzati per garantire maggiore varietà tra le missioni dello stesso tipo

- Conteggio dei borsoni migliorato in varie missioni

- Ridotto il fogliame sui fondali.

- Risolto: glitch per cui, in determinate circostanze, i compagni di squadra diventavano invincibili.

- Risolto: calo di FPS dopo che si torna alla lobby.

-Fixed: Add 10 soldiers to the player’s army before the first turf war to ensure it can always start.

- Risolto: gli elementi dell'IU non venivano nascosti durante la sequenza finale delle missioni.

-Fixed: “Attack Territory Success” text was displayed twice.

- Risolto: clipping di poco conto attraverso la t-shirt di Cracker.

- Risolto: le icone del computer ne Il caveau nascosto non si replicavano nel modo giusto.

- Risolto: lo stato di Sospetto non era replicato nel client.

- Risolto: le IA legate chiudevano le porte nel client.

- Risolto: sbloccare le finestre non aveva un'icona per controller.

- Risolto: adesso, disconnettere e riconnettere un controller non interrompe la concentrazione.

-Fixed: Van escape sequence now hides the player’s wieldables.

- Risolto: gli investigatori potevano generarsi di continuo a causa di dati errati.

- Risolto: bonus salute di Touchdown calcolato correttamente.

-Fixed: Nasara’s bonus computed properly for Army.

- Risolto: non apparirà più l'opzione per tornare all'area di missione durante una sequenza di fuga.

- Risolto: segni dei colpi mancanti sui nemici colpiti da una granata.

-Fixed: “Kill all” bonus objective functionality.

- Risolto: i giocatori non si ricollegano più alle missioni con un personaggio casuale.

- Risolto: i giocatori non dovrebbero più vedere la propria lobby.

- Risolto: adesso, i clienti che usano la teleferica si allineano correttamente.

- Risolto: la zona di fuga non è visibile nella sequenza finale delle missioni.

- Risolto: ora il C-4 fa partire l'allarme.

- Risolto: vari problemi di skin sui personaggi.

- Risolto: varie geometrie sistemate.

- Risolto: ai giocatori non verrà offerto nuovamente di unirsi a una labby dopo che sono stati rimossi dall'host.

- Risolto: lasciare intenzionalmente una missione non fa più apparire un pop-up che invita a continuare la missione.

(Dimensioni aggiornamento: 74,85 GB)

RockON Magazine – Rockay City Never Sleeps!

Welcome everyone to the latest edition of RockON Magazine! Well, wasn’t that a wild ride! Crime Boss: Rockay City launched on Epic Games on the 28th on March! A super exciting moment for everyone involved and everyone here at the magazine. Our words are going to inspire a generation – of 90s throwbacks and retro-futro-gizmo loving fellows… Try saying that after a few glasses of the good stuff.

We know what our players think of the game and we agree – we think it’s great too! So snap! Or jinx? But we are not going to delve into that! We will let our loyal community delve into that – as they share their top tips and tricks for surviving the mean streets of Rockay City!

We also have an exclusive on-the-ground report from our Features Editor, Fran Ann McGann – who went out and about to get all the HOT GOSSIP from the citizens of Rockay (We also just needed to give her something to do.)

As the title says, Rockay City Never Sleeps and that’s because Rockay City is a living breathing entity, so you will see a lot more from Crime Boss: Rockay City in the future. But for now, just buckle up and RockON!

Crime Boss: Rockay City is available now on Epic Games

BOSS GOSSIP! On-Airing Dirty Laundry! Crabs Move into Downtown. Wrist-ness Report – “I was backwards!”

Report by Fran Ann McGann

Rockay City Talk Radio is finally back on the air after the antenna used to broadcast the station was taken down and used as an oversize laundry line.

Eyewitness Karen Mclaren from West Flammingo said “One day I was just walking little Gigi – my Chihuahua, and then all of a sudden my gaze was altered by something horrific.”

“I am usually attracted to a quaint open space where little Gigi likes to play, but I was suddenly looking at a shiny metal pointy thing! It was a shock indeed – I have never seen underwear so… flowery! Ghastly! Luckily, Gigi got hold of them – after that, I’d never seen underwear so holey… so all that ends well.”

Karen Mclaren – West Flammingo

Those who know Downtown Rockay well, will know that the high restaurant prices, the expensive cocktails and the constant threat of a turf wars can make you feel a little crabby at times. But the threat of actual crabs making you feel actually crabby was something none of us expected. I went to Downtown to investigate future.

The crabs were unavailable for an interview, mainly because crabs cannot talk but while I was there, I got hungry and I bought some crab mac and cheese with a side of Rockay Bay Biscuits… So not a wasted trip after all!

Fran Ann McGann – RockON Magazine

“Wait, how much am I getting paid to give you my story?”

“Anywhooo, I was minding my own damn business, staring blankly into a shop window – as you do and all of a sudden I was told to “GET DOWN ON THE GROUND”. Now, even though I was backwards to the guy, I could see his reflexion in the shop window as he tied me up by the wrists. I real dashing fellow, and that made me pretty jealous – mainly because of his hat. His hat, his handsome face, the fact he was clearly going places – straight into the liquor store, and he was clearly not going to pay for any of it… le sigh… Am… I going to get paid now?”

Brad Chad – Lower Haven


Look, we get it, becoming the number one crime boss is not always easy. There is a lot to think about and WHO KNEW there would be so much admin!!!

Talking of admin… due to TOO much admin on our end, we thought we would ask our Reddit and Discord community to help us with our work. I MEAN, share a few tips and tricks for everyone within the Crime Boss community.

We received SO FEW responses, it was very easy to highlight a selection of them for this thrilling segment of TRICKS OF THE TRADE! (Actually I joke with you! We received SO MANY responses, we will keep this segment running until the tips and tricks run dry.

Thank you to those who contributed to the article! You are FOREVER in our cold hearts!

A Bag of Tricks – When grabbing loot, don’t collect a bag and move it, one or two at a time. Instead just keep on collecting and throw bags on the floor. Call team to you (tab, then Q) if needed. AI will pick up the bags and bring it to van. After you have cleaned out the location (or it’s getting too hot for comfort) grab the last bag or two and go to the van. (NLxAROSA)

On a Mission – Some lovely design things: Don’t reload in turf attacks; instead, pick up dropped enemy weapons. Don’t worry about doing everything right the first time; some great stories only happen if you fail! Pay attention to mission titles/descriptions; they tell you more than the icon. You can take over multiple turfs with a single attack; separate a neighbourhood from the rest of the gang’s territory. (rtkz)

Know the Drill – When waiting for a drill to finish or the van to come and you want your crew to use their primaries, take a couple steps away and have them hold position so they won’t grab bags and can fight. (Krul)

You and Whose Army – On perks, the one that has more starting soldiers and bigger army capacity is also invaluable…the more you can take over initially the cheaper easier it will be later on. Also if you manage to take over four in day one your respect will go up, opening up the missions to upgrade army tier and getting better people to hire. (HammondsAmmonds)

Cheap and Nasty – Get some cheap heisters at the start of the game for the low risk jobs. You can level them up and have some nice backup heisters for later on if you don’t want to spend money on expensive heisters or want to run multiple heists in one day for maximum profit. (Decker)

Enough is Enough – You don’t have to collect all the loot. When collecting, you’ll hear Nasara ask how far along you are and one of your team respond: about half way. Keep on collecting and at some point one of the team will say something like: we got enough. Nasara will respond: are you sure? Team member will say: yeah. That means you have enough for the objective and you can leave. Or collect more if you feel its safe. (NLxAROSA)

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Domande frequenti su Crime Boss: Rockay City

Welcome citizens of Rockay City.

Here is a helpful FAQ guide to get you around Crime Boss: Rockay City. We will keep this guide up to date with the latest info as and when we receive commonly asked questions.

Launch Information

Which platform is Crime Boss: Rockay City available?

Crime Boss: Rockay City is out now on Epic Games Store.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S will launch on June 15th on Digital and September 5th for Physical.

Is Crime Boss: Rockay City available to purchase in physical format?

Crime Boss: Rockay City will be available to purchase on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on September 5th.

Will there be Xbox Clubs and a PlayStation Hub for the community to join?

Yes there will be dedicated official community spaces for Xbox and PlayStation.

Can I pre-order and wishlist on Xbox/PlayStation?

You are unable to pre-order on Xbox but you can wishlist on PlayStation.

Do you have any plans for DLC post launch?

Our new Rockay’s Roadmap shows the future of Crime Boss: Rockay City and all of the exciting features that await the community.

Technical Questions

What are the minimum / recommended specs required in order to run Crime Boss: Rockay City on PC?



PROCESSOR: Intel Core i7-4790 or AMD Ryzen 5 1600


GRAPHICS: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650, 4 GB or AMD Radeon RX 570, 4 GB

DirectX: DirectX 12




PROCESSOR: Intel Core i5-10600K or AMD Ryzen 5 3600XT


GRAPHICS: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070, 8 GB, AMD Radeon RX Vega 56, 8 GB or Intel Arc A770, 16 GB

DirectX: DirectX 12

STORAGE: 90GB (SSD recommended)

What FPS will Crime Boss: Rockay City run at on PC?

Low 720p @ 30 FPS

High 1080p @ 60 FPS

Will Crime Boss: Rockay City have keyboard and mouse support?

Yes, Crime Boss: Rockay City will have keyboard and mouse support.

Will Crime Boss: Rockay City have controller support?

Yes, Crime Boss: Rockay City will have controller support.

Will there be crossplay between all platforms, including Epic, Xbox and PlayStation?

We are currently not adding crossplay to Crime Boss: Rockay City.

Will Crime Boss: Rockay City be compatible with Mac or Linux?

No, Crime Boss: Rockay City will not be compatible with Mac or Linux.

Will Crime Boss: Rockay City have ultrawide support?

Yes, Crime Boss: Rockay City will have ultrawide support?

Will Crime Boss: Rockay City implement Denuvo?

Yes, Crime Boss: Rockay City will implement Denuvo.

Which languages does Crime Boss: Rockay City support?

Crime Boss: Rockay City supports the following language options:

English (full audio)

Subtitles are provided for the following languages:

English, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese – Brazil and Spanish – Spain.

Crime Boss: Rockay City is OUT NOW! – Welcome To Rockay City.

Neon lights, city heights and nostalgic fights.

Crime Boss: Rockay City is out now on PC Epic Games Store.

It’s time to take on the role of Travis Baker and make your way to the top of the criminal hierarchy, to become the King of Rockay City!

Crime Boss: Rockay City is an organized crime game developed by INGAME STUDIOS, combining first-person shooter action and turf wars – playable solo or with friends. Set in glamorous 90s Florida, you’ll find familiar faces waiting to help you or hinder your chances of success. From the charismatic Travis Baker (Michael Madsen) and his team of planners and handlers (Michael Rooker, Kim Basinger, Danny Glover and Damion Poitier), to rival gang bosses (Danny Trejo and Vanilla Ice) and the righteous Sheriff Norris (Chuck Norris) – everyone you meet will play a part in Baker’s ascension to the throne.

Have thoughts on the Crime Boss: Rockay City? Please let us know over on our dedicated Feedback Site.

For more fun and information on Rockay City, why not check out our social media platforms.

TikTok | Twitter | Reddit | Discord | Rockay City Talk Radio Podcast

So, all that’s left is to say – on behalf of the Rockay tourist board, welcome to Rockay City!

RockON Magazine Launch Edition – Keep Calm & RockON!

This is a very special edition of RockON Magazine, no Madonna didn’t guest write an article. She doesn’t return our calls. 

No, this is a special edition of RockON, because we have that British northerner back! You know, the guy who wrote the last article, about the lights – that nobody could understand? So yeah, he has a new article, all about crabs… and stuff… 

…Oh, hang on a sec, the editor is just telling me that the reason this edition of RockON is so special is because it’s celebrating the launch of Crime Boss: Rockay City… Yeah that sounds more like it! 

Anyway, so yes, Crime Boss: Rockay City! The game about the city I work in, is finally available to buy on Epic Game Store – I will just drop the link in RIGHT HERE, so you can all go and buy it straight away. But I’m sure you lot have bought it already, especially if you’re reading this garbage… haaaaahaa, I mean… piece of work divided up by many-a-literary genius. 


BOSS GOSSIP! Rockay City Crime Boss Kicks the Money Bucket in Devastating Explosion!

Report by Fran Ann McGann

Even if you didn’t see the explosion, you heard it. 

The top floors of a skyscraper raining down debris across Rockay City – which took out the King of crime in Rockay City. The destruction and damage to public property will no doubt run into GAZILILLIONS. 

There’s greater damage to the city than the fiery debris that rained down on flashy cars, high class bars and people wielding cigars. Yes, that’s right, RockON’s very own chief editor’s ZR1 got a metal pipe through the windshield, and it just exploded. It’s now a dust pile. They haven’t stopped crying since. 

With the king of crime gone, rival gangs are now carving up the territory, which means that the uneasy peace that Rockay City has now ended. 

The violence on the streets is increasing, both from those upholding the law and those breaking it. The gangs are out for territory, and the cops are out for revenge. 

That’s not the only new problem, a new drug, blue in colour and going by the street name ‘Candy’ has hit the streets. The gangs aren’t just supplying it – they’re fighting each other over the supply. I’ve heard of one shipment that was stolen, then stolen back. All in one day. 

At least it keeps me in a job! So, on that bombshell – here is a quick rundown on how to make it big in Rockay City! 



It is the ultimate single player experience of Crime Boss: Rockay City – players get to take on the role of wannabe crime boss Travis Baker, played by Michael Madsen. He is competing against, THE ONE, THE ONLY – Sheriff Norris. 

He runs Rockay’s law enforcement, and he will be collecting evidence against you. He can also slice a knife in half with hot butter and apparently, he uses his pepper spray to spice up his filet mignon. 

So basically, the better you perform on a heist, the less evidence you will leave behind and the less Sheriff Norris will be on your tail. If you fail the job, then Norris and his team will find you very quickly. The main goal of Baker’s Battle is to become the King of Rockay’s underworld and gaining control over all the turf in the city. 

Your Rivals

The Sheriff is not the only one you need to deal with. You will be competing against ruthless rival gangs – including rival boss Dollar Dragon played by Danny Trejo, Hielo played by Vanilla Ice, and many more who also want to claim the thrown to Rockay. 

But Baker is not alone. He is joined by his best buddy, captain ‘Touchdown’, played by Michael Rooker – he commands an army of thugs to do Baker’s bidding. Casey played by Kim Basinger will advise Baker on where to spend resources. Nasara knows about opportunities and will help the manage the crew. Gloves played by Danny Glover is the inside man, he knows about valuable jobs worth preparing for. 

Bigger heists are more difficult, and the risk is higher, especially if Baker personally takes part in a job. Yes, Baker can die, yes actually die – but fear not, in Rockay everyone gets a second chance at life.

So, on your next play-through, you may not die as much. However, you will notice that a few things have changed. Baker may receive different opportunities, plotlines that lead to different heists and different random events. No one will ever experience the same game twice. 


Quick heists, quick money, and big rewards. 

Do you want so money fast? if so then a Crime Time Quick Play is for you! Jump to the map where there are randomly generated jobs for you to select. They are small, opportunistic hits that would naturally present themselves in a city such as Rockay, so there are always plenty to choose from. You can put a crew together for the job, but being small, short hits, you could decide to take all the rewards for yourself – this makes them ideal to play solo, or with bots. 

There is a roster of ‘Classic Teammates’ who have randomised stats, perks, and weapons, these guys will always be at your disposal. There is also ‘Unique Teammates’ who become unlocked as you progress in the other game modes. These teammates have skill sets and a debatable fashion sense – as well as more powerful and specialised weapons. All Teammates need to be recruited with cash, but there are some who will do it for the thrill of the job and cost nothing. 

Cash is also used to buy better weapons, recruit more Teammates, bail out Teammates, or assist Teammates medical recovery. Sadly, you cannot assist with a Teammates choice of garment. That is their choice, and we should all respect their freedom of expression – however dire it may be.  


This mode is pure fun 90’s action. It’s totally rad and/or tubular – and probably gnarly too! 

In the Urban Legends mode, you can play through six short campaigns. Each campaign consists of three missions that must be played consecutively, each getting progressively tougher. You will have four unique teammates to play with and an additional two as back up.
You can choose any of them to play solo or with bots, or you can play online with friends in co-op. As with the main game, if a character dies, they are out of the crew for subsequent missions. 

What a City Beach

When our reporters have very little to do, we often must find things for them to do. This is one of those times. We sent our Miscellaneous Topics Reporter, Karl McGnal down to the infamous City Beach to write us a report on why it is the best beach in the whole of Rockay! 

Report by Karl McGnal

So, I’m here at this beach, right? Yeap, it’s erm called City Beach. And it’s a bit of a mess, to be honest. There’s trash all over the place, and it’s not exactly the cleanest beach I’ve ever seen. But there’s something kind of charming about it, you know? Like one of those pug dogs – it’s a bit odd looking and rough around the edges, but it’s got character. 

Anyway, there are these crabs everywhere. I mean, they’re just scuttling around all over the place. And they’re not the prettiest things in the world, let’s be honest. But they’re kind of fascinating to watch. They move in this weird, sideways, jerky way that’s almost hypnotic. And they’re not scared of people, either. I’ve seen them come right up to someone’s towel and start investigating. 

I thought I would start investigating the crab, you know, as it was investigating the towel. But then suddenly, the crab ran up between someone’s legs who was laying on a towel and sliced off their neon pink swimming shorts. They managed to do it only using their big claw. I mean that’s impressive, sometimes I have trouble getting into a packet of peanuts. Turns out the person on the towel was a guy who worked for the Rockay City Police Department. He got up and started running around like a crab too – covering his bits with his police hat. That’s how I knew he worked for the police department. What a day. 

But you know what really makes this beach worth a visit? The ice cream. Oh, my days, the ice cream. It’s like they’ve got a little ice cream stand set up in the middle of all this chaos and ‘crabbage’. They’re just churning out these amazing cones. I don’t know how they do it, given the state of everything else around here, but they just nail it. 

The ice cream comes in all sorts of flavors, too. They’ve got your classics like vanilla and chocolate, but they’ve also got some really creative stuff. I had a scoop of blueberry basil the other day, and it was honestly one of the best things I’ve ever had, and I usually hate that fancy stuff. I mean, who would have thought to put basil in ice cream? It sounds mental, but it works. 

So yeah, if you’re ever in the area and you’re looking for a beach that’s a little rough around the edges but has amazing ice cream, City Beach is the place for you. Just watch out for the crabs! 

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RockON Magazine’s Top Places to Eat Out in Rockay!

Tom’s Pizza – If you deviate from the menu that’s when things start to go wrong. Our features editor once asked for anchovies – that was a year ago and they still have an indentation on their forehead shaped like a block of cheese. So as long as you like Margarita, Margarita with extra cheese and Margarita with no base – it’s just a box of melted cheese, then you should be fine. 

Chicken Barbeque – The RockON team have yet to have food poisoning here, so that’s a good sign – It’s also why it made the list! As for the food itself, it’s chicken. It’s just like how your mother (who you really hate) used to make food – greasy, crunchy and unidentifiable.