Crime Boss: Rockay City Patch Notes (Epic Games Store)

Patch Number (2023 May 9)

Citizens of Rockay City, we are pleased to share with you the patch notes for the latest Crime Boss update.

Please note, this patch improves the loading times in-game, which requires a re-download of the full game. Thank you for your understanding! 


Improved loading times!
We converted the game’s data into a new format allowing us to load things faster! (Up to 2x faster)
We are also preloading weapons, player characters and enemies while you are in Lobby now.

Balance pass
Based on community feedback, we have implemented comprehensive balance adjustments across the game.

Improved variety of missions

-New Turf war environments (4) for the last turf fight added. Each boss has now a unique environment for their last turf war fight.

-New environments (3) added to the “Robbery” mission type.

-New environments (3) added to the “Robbery” mission type.

-Improved generation of Small hits missions

Bugfixes & changes:

-DLSS updated to version 3.1.0a.

-XeSS updated to version 1.2.6.

-Tulip added as a character to Urban Legends: Secret Symphony.

-New boss office level – Between level 1 and level 2. Cheaper than level 2 but already changing visuals.

-The distribution of money-making missions changed for a bigger variety of missions to be spawned.

-Assets now display information about received boss points and score.

-Buying weapons and the black market weapon event are now unlocked after completing the intro, not after completing Easy Expansion.

-Hiring soldiers is available from the first day (after completing Easy Expansion once).

-“Soldiers hired” notification removed.

-The Italian gang starts expansion sooner now.

-More variations of patrol points in campaign missions.

-Money Train mission has more granular objectives to guide players to extinguish the fire.

-Weapons of more favourable rarity are available to players sooner in the “Crime Time” shop due to a balance update.

-Teammates with more favourable rarity can be hired in “Crime Time” sooner due to a balance update.

-Enemy grenades make a beeping sound now.

-Campaign mission pre-sets tweaked to provide more variety in the same mission type

-Improved loot bag counts in various missions

-Reduced foliage in backdrops.

-Fixed: Glitch when under some circumstances, teammates would become invincible.

-Fixed: Drop in FPS after returning to Lobby.

-Fixed: Add 10 soldiers to the player’s army before the first turf war to ensure it can always start.

-Fixed: UI elements were not hiding in the mission end sequence.

-Fixed: “Attack Territory Success” text was displayed twice.

-Fixed: Cracker minor clipping through his t-shirt.

-Fixed: The Hidden Vault computer icons did not replicate properly.

-Fixed: Suspicion state was not correctly replicated to client.

-Fixed: Zip-tied AIs closed doors on client.

-Fixed: Unlock windows did not have controller contextual icons.

-Fixed: Disconnecting and reconnecting a controller will not break focus now.

-Fixed: Van escape sequence now hides the player’s wieldables.

-Fixed: Detectives previously could spawn continuously due to wrong data.

-Fixed: Touchdown health bonus computed correctly.

-Fixed: Nasara’s bonus computed properly for Army.

-Fixed: Return to mission area during escape sequence will not show anymore.

-Fixed: Missing hit marks on enemies damaged by a grenade.

-Fixed: “Kill all” bonus objective functionality.

-Fixed: Players do not reconnect to missions with a random character anymore.

-Fixed: Player should not see their own lobby anymore.

-Fixed: Clients using zipline align correctly now.

-Fixed: Escape zone is not visible in the mission end sequence.

-Fixed: C4 sets off the alarm now.

-Fixed: Various skinning issues on characters.

-Fixed: Various geometry fixes.

-Fixed: Player will not be offered to rejoin a lobby anymore after the host removed this player.

-Fixed: Intentionally leaving a mission does not cause a pop-up to rejoin that mission anymore.

(Update size: 74.85 GB)