Coming June 15th to Xbox Series X|S and PS5!

PLUS – The Roadmap You’ve All Been Waiting For!

Citizens of Rockay!

The digital version of Crime Boss: Rockay City will be available on June 15th on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5! The physical version will be coming on September 5th.

Wishlist on PS5 HERE and on XBOX HERE

Our Roadmap to Rockay!

Below is Season 1 of Rockay’s Roadmap. This roadmap shows what we have coming up in the next few months and into next year – since our release on the Epic Games Store.

We hope this glimpse into the future of Crime Boss: Rockay City will keep you enticed as well as excited for what’s to come.

The roadmap shows what can be expected – up to Q2 of 2024 and consists of a vast array of free updates, paid DLCs and expansion packs. This is Season 1 of Rockay’s Roadmap – so you can expect to see much more from Crime Boss: Rockay City in the future.