The New Dragon’s Gold Cup Expansion Pack

Scheme, steal, and sneak away with the notorious Dollar Dragon!

Travis Baker (played by Michael Madsen), a distrustful and spiteful gangster, joins forces with his ultimate rival, Dollar Dragon (played by Danny Trejo) in the first Expansion Pack for Crime Boss: Rockay City. Available NOW on Epic Games Store, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Your aim – steal the former King’s gold and establish your legacy as the next Crime Boss.

So bosses, what can you expect to see in the brand new Dragon’s Gold Cup?

  • Dragon’s Gold Cup Heist: Invade the heavily protected depot and steal the King’s gold! This is playable in three different ways; each of them including a unique recon mission.
  • New Plotline: Dive into a brand-new plotline focusing on Dollar Dragon in the single player campaign, including a series of smaller missions which lead up to the big heist. If you master the plotline like a Crime Boss, Dollar Dragon will join your gang.
  • Crime Time Contract: Get your team together and take on the Gold Cup Heist in Crime Time mode.
  • Blue Dragon Character Skin: Rob in style in Crime Time with the exclusive Blue Dragon Character Skin!
  • 2 New Urban Legends Chains: Experience two new chains with your friends or solo, which lead up to the Gold Cup Heist.

There are different ways to access the Dragon’s Gold Cup. One will be via playing the game and the plot line will show up. And secondly you can access the Dragon’s Gold Cup through the menus.

(Please note, you can join another player’s Expansion Pack content without owning it. But you cannot host an Expansion Pack session without owning the DLC.)

Remember, you can also get 30% off Crime Boss: Rockay City for a limited time. So become the King of Rockay City, with a little help with the Dollar Dragon himself!