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Welcome back citizens of Rockay!

Wow isn’t this wild! We have just announced that Crime Boss: Rockay City – the game about the amazing place that we live in – is being released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on digital format on June 15th and on physical format on September 5th.

Everyone at RockON Magazine are excited to welcome new readers to the RockON family!

Not only will you get to read some of the finest articles no money can buy – because it’s a free magazine, but also you will get some truly magnificent journalism from people who nobody has heard of, but knows a ton about Rockay City.

We also have a vast array of guest contributors – our friends in the Crime Boss Reddit and Discord and our truly awful blog writers, Karl and Fran Ann.

It wouldn’t be a free magazine, without an oversized word search to fill up the pages. You can tell when no cats are stuck up trees, when one of the magazine’s main features is a massive square with semi-randomized letters.



When the Rockay weather is doing that rain thing and our reporters have to stay inside where we can unfortunately see them – we need to find simple tasks for them to do. We gave Karl McGnal the task of writing about why the gaming world ADORES, Crime Boss: Rockay City.

Report by Karl McGnal

Yeah Crime Boss, it’s alright! You know, I was watching this documentary the other day about elephants. They are amazing animals, aren’t they? They can live for 70 years, they can remember things for a long time.

But there was one thing that bothered me about them. They are huge. They weigh up to six tons and they can grow up to four meters tall. They need a lot of space and food and water to survive. And they produce a lot of dung. Imagine having one of them in your house. It would be a nightmare.

That’s why I don’t understand this expression that people use sometimes: “the elephant in the room”. They say it when there is something obvious that everyone knows but no one wants to talk about. Like if someone has a big nose or a bad haircut or you like something other people said was bad.

They say “let’s address the elephant in the room” and then they bring up the topic. But why do they use an elephant for that? It doesn’t make any sense. If there was an actual elephant in the room, everyone would notice it and talk about it. It would be impossible to ignore.

You would have to deal with it right away. You would have to call the animal control or the zoo or something. You wouldn’t just pretend it wasn’t there.

I think they should use a different animal for that expression. Something smaller and quieter and less noticeable. Then it would make more sense. You could say “let’s address the worm in the room”. And then you could talk about the thing that you don’t want to talk about.

Wait… what was I writing about again?


A Bag of Tricks – When grabbing loot, don’t collect a bag and move it, one or two at a time. Instead just keep on collecting and throw bags on the floor. Call team to you if needed. AI will pick up the bags and bring it to van. After you have cleaned out the location (or it’s getting too hot for comfort) grab the last bag or two and go to the van. (NLxAROSA)

Neighbourhood Watch – You can take over multiple turfs with a single attack; separate a neighbourhood from the rest of the gang’s territory. (rtkz)

Fool Me Once – Guards can be intimidated. Gang members and police can not and must be killed or avoided. This may be obvious to some but it took me awhile to realize. (HammondsAmmonds)

Thank you once again to those in our Discord and on our Reddit who contributed to the article! You are ALWAYS in our warm hearts!

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