『Crime Boss: Rockay City』 30% OFF



『Crime Boss: Rockay City』 30% OFF!


It is sale season in Rockay and everyone is going wild in the aisles at the shopping malls of Downtown Rockay City – all because of the 505 Games Publisher Sale!!

Everyone LOVES a bargain, so let’s find out what amazing deals are going on in the world of Crime Boss: Rockay City!

  • Epic Games Store 9月8日*~9月21日 『Crime Boss: Rockay City』 30% OFF!
  • Xbox Series X|S 9月7日*~9月26日 『Crime Boss: Rockay City』 30% OFF!
  • PlayStation 5 9月9日~9月11日 『Crime Boss: Rockay City』 30% OFF!


続いてのニュース “また自由に空気が吸える!?”

Crime boss Hielo, started charging civilians a cash toll whenever someone entered one of his territories. Apparently it wasn’t very popular among Hielo’s own people who couldn’t afford to breath inside their own turf.

That’s all for the news. Heck to the yeah!