Update 10 is OUT NOW on Steam and Epic Games


• New BANK layout to enhance the variety of missions.
• Level cap increased to 155.
• New Boss skin for THERESA (enhanced variant).
• New Boss skin for VAMP (enhanced variant).
• Rebalanced XP and cash rewards for all missions (mainly Multiplayer).



• Goldcup stealth gives full mission reward (previously reduced)
• Playing with friends (other people) gives XP bonus
• Bigger XP difference for completing a mission with 3 stars vs 1 star
• Special thanks to Flavio93Zena for cooperation on XP and cash reward rebalance
• Boss points increased for expensive assets (since they are one-time purchases) with tweaked prices and reduced unlock levels
• Dragon Dogs main area can be accessed even after progressing to lower sewers part

Gameplay Balance

• Sentry turret is stronger (boosted damage and health)
• Robot heister has lower HP (-20%)
• Camera jammer is uncommon and can be unlocked earlier.
• Sensor grenade is now a rare gadget.


• Loop of refreshing assets when all assets are bought is fixed.
• Achievements should correctly unlock when transferring saves from one system to another
• Character class modifiers for Damage Received and Holster Speed are now applied correctly
• “Don’t overheat the buzzsaw” bonus objective can now fail
• Typos fixed on dozens of locations
• Stability improvements
• Optimizations

Known issues

• Dragon dogs join in progress may end up in loading lock up, we are trying to determine reason why. Only in case there is full lobby.
• AI may slide in animation if doors are closed on their path.

“Going Loud” – Combat Boss Build in Crime Boss: Rockay City


Hello! We’re back again with another Boss character build for Crime Boss: Rockay City!

In our previous post, we focused on stealth and infiltration. This included silenced weapons, equipment to help case the job, and perks designed to keep you out of sight while simultaneously ensuring no one escapes yours. You can check out the “Going Silent” build here:

505 Games » “Going silent” – Stealth Boss Build in Crime Boss: Rockay City

However, being a clandestine robber can sometimes be too slow, unnecessary, or straight-up impossible. For these missions and situations, professionalism must be thrown out the window in favor of a more “shock and awe” approach. Time to deal some damage!

As noted in the post above, these builds apply to your multiplayer boss and not necessarily for single-player heisters, though they can be used for inspiration. Let’s get into it!


Primary: The Urban Striker

Bottom of the barrel in terms of accuracy, ammo capacity, and reload time, but wait! Don’t brush it off yet because this drum-fed semi-auto shotgun packs a serious punch. Keep it loaded because, though this may sound counterintuitive, this will be acting as your secondary. When things get hot and the pressure is on, pull out the Striker and feel your worries wash away as you quickly dispatch large groups of opposing forces at once or deal massive damage to unique enemies like heavies and shields. If used effectively and accurately, it’s an extremely deadly weapon, especially in tight spaces.

Secondary: Glizzy R+

The Glizzy R+ is a heavily modified version of its base counterpart. Sporting a red dot sight, compensator, and extended magazine, it can let off shots in rapid succession while maintaining relatively high accuracy. The damage output is low, but with the short reload time, enemies won’t have long before they’re back in your sights. This is a perfect sidearm when hauling loot—a full team with this weapon equipped might not even have to worry about dropping bags to switch to their primaries.

Equipment: Cluster Grenade

Exactly what it sounds like—a handheld cluster bomb! Throw it down a full corridor and see just how quickly it clears out, or put some arch in it and create a rudimentary air burst. Be careful though, these things can be unpredictable and potentially cause a lot of collateral damage—blowing up civilians, cars, or even you and your team.

Boss Perks

Perk 1: Gun Nut

The Gun Nut perk increases your overall weapon handling. Faster reloads, decreased weapon sway, the ability to reload while sprinting, and a slight damage buff will ensure that no matter how outmanned you are, the enemy will always be outgunned.

Perk 2: Marksman

The Marksman perk gives your boss a further increase in firearm damage. It may not offer much, but what it does offer is substantial. With the combination of Marksman, Gun Nut, and the Urban Striker, you can expect most cops, gangsters, and guards to go down with little to no fight.

Perk 3: Comeback

As the primary damage dealer of your crew with this loadout, it’s important that you stay in the fight for as long as possible. The Comeback perk ensures you do, granting you an extra revive. Just make sure you bring someone reliable along to pick you up.

What’s Your Build?

If you want to suggest a build, improve on ours or want more of these in the future, join our discord or let us know our Steam suggestion sub-forum . See you in Rockay City!

Crime Boss: Rockay City out now on Steam! All previously released DLC’s for a limited time are included for FREE!

BUY NOW: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2933080/Crime_Boss_Rockay_City/

Update 9.5 is OUT NOW on Steam and Epic

Patch notes for Update 9.5:

• Added a loading screen at the start of the game to allow shaders to compile before player interaction.
• Fixed stutter when using controllers (Epic only – does not happen on other platforms).
• Performance optimizations for Bank levels.
• Fixed a Save issue where players are not be able to select new Boss cards.
• Multiple crash fixes.

Update 9.4 is OUT NOW on Steam and Epic

Patch notes for Update 9.4

  • Fixed an issue where throwable equipment were sometimes unusable.
  • Fixed an issue with new clients joining a session in progress would count as a revive.
  • Sorting in session browser is properly functional now.
  • Closing the game while in a mission in Baker’s Battle will no longer stack the payout bonus, thus the money exploit is no longer valid.
  • Chat visibility fixed. Text instructing player to write now disappears after pressing enter.
  • Sentry turret no longer breaks client’s FOV.
  • Multiple crash fixes.


ICYMI – On June 18th, we launched Crime Boss: Rockay City here on Steam. The response has been amazing! We’ve set up this thread to give you more info on how you can report any problems you may come across and to ensure you get the support you need.

In addition, we will use this thread to provide info on game updates. We believe in being as transparent as possible, so whenever we have updates to share, we will update this thread with the latest from our lands.

On behalf of the whole Crime Boss: Rockay City team at INGAME STUDIOS and 505 Games, we want to thank you for your incredible show of support.

Ci vediamo a Rockay City!


Got a question? Take a look at our handy FAQ guide here to see if it’s been answered:

If you find any bugs in game, please report them using the form below.

JUNE 19TH – 16:30 BST
We’re aware that some players are experiencing performance issues in-game. The team are investigating this issue as a matter of priority. As soon as we have an update to share, we will let you know. Thank you for your patience!


The wait is over! Crime Boss: Rockay City is OUT NOW on Steam. We’ve been on quite the journey to get to this point and we’re super excited to be welcoming more of you to this growing community.


There are so many reasons to pick up Crime Boss: Rockay City today!

Here’s what you need to know.


There’s a new price in town! In case you missed the news, Crime Boss: Rockay City launches today at the following price:

£15.99 $19.99 €19.99

What’s more, new Heisters will be able to enjoy 20% off at launch. Grab yourself an absolute steal while you can. This deal won’t be around for long!


For a limited time, we’re giving away all previous DLC for Crime Boss: Rockay City for FREE on Steam. When you purchase the game, you will not only receive the base game, but also the following DLC packs:

Cagnali’s Order
Dragon’s Gold Cup
Heavy Hitters Weapon Pack
Tactical Weapon Pack

Want to know more about our DLC packs? Take a look at our Steam broadcast on our store page.


We’ve come a long way and our future is looking brighter than ever. Want to know what the future of Rockay City looks like? Take a look at our roadmap below:



Finally, we want to take this opportunity to say thank you. Thank you to each and every one of you that has shown us support. It doesn’t go unnoticed. Your encouragement means the world to the team at INGAME STUDIOS and 505 Games.


For those who pick up the game here on Steam, we’d love to hear your thoughts in our Community Hub! We’d also encourage you to leave us a review – Your feedback really does help us.

Ci vediamo a Rockay City!

Crime Boss: Rockay City is coming to STEAM!


505 Games and InGame Studios are thrilled to announce that our first-person action heisting game, Crime Boss: Rockay City, will be releasing on Steam, June 18th 2024. Get ready to manage a crew of heisters to take the town by storm in the single player rogue-lite campaign or join up with a group of friends to pull of large and daring heists in various online multiplayer game modes. We’ve been on an incredible journey so far and we can’t wait to welcome more Heisters on board next month.

Cagnali’s Order

Along with the Steam release comes Update 9 and an all-new major DLC pack, Cagnali’s Order.

A new player has arrived in Rockay. Cagnali Industries has one goal in mind: control. Will you be able to rise against impossible odds, face the monolith and resist order? Discover the conspiracy that stands to shift the fabric of Rockay in this all-new plotline, either solo or with friends.

Cagnali’s Order features four dystopian missions where the RCPD have been joined by an evil mega-corporation’s robotic police squad. Bursting with new enemies, a new boss, playable characters (plus obligatory laser gun!), Cagnali’s Order forms the backbone of the expansion package (which already includes a re-worked gaming system, levels, weapons packs, heists and so much more.)

Steam Special Offer

For this momentous occasion in our game’s history, we wanted to give new players and longtime fans the Crime Boss: Rockay City experience in its entirety. When you purchase the game on Steam, you will not only receive the base game, but for a limited time, Cagnali’s Order and all previous DLC for FREE!

This includes:

  • Dragon’s Gold Cup
  • Heavy Hitters Weapon Pack
  • Tactical Weapon pack

Add Crime Boss: Rockay City to your Steam wishlist now to be notified upon release, so you can claim this offer while it lasts.


Join Our Growing Community

Not only can you engage with us here on Steam, but we would also like to invite any and all players to join our Discord server to ask questions, talk about the game, provide feedback, stay up to date with announcements and connect with our wonderful and expanding player base.

Behind the scenes, the team are working on a roadmap of content that takes us into 2025, with various new levels, characters and perks in the pipeline. What’s more, expect Halloween content later in 2024, through to Winter Ops heists in 2025.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Crime Boss. We are incredibly excited for this next chapter and look forward to seeing you on Steam and in the streets of Rockay City.

See you there,

InGame Studios

505 Games

Update 7.9 has landed! – Crime Boss Update 7.9 OUT NOW on Epic, Xbox Series X|S & PlayStation 5


🌴Update 7.9 has landed!

📈Introducing some rebalancing of Armored truck missions, weapon costs in the campaign and more!

Hello Bosses,

First of all, we would like to thank you for being with us and playing the game. We appreciate you a lot.

All your feedback has helped to make the game better and to improve the experience even further we will be addressing the lack of progression. This is a big change that will provide players with a goal, rewards and meaningful choices.

This update is coming on 16th April 2024 so please be prepared for the following changes:

1. Ongoing campaigns will be terminated due to changes to how campaigns will work.

2. Your progress in Multiplayer will be reset. Unlocked characters and weapons will be reset as the new system is not compatible with the current one.

3. As a thank you to all players who have played the game before 16th April 2024, you will be rewarded with 20x levels and some exclusive content to give you a head start in this new system.

“We hope you enjoy this new content and continue to help the game evolve in 2024.”

The Crime Boss: Rockay City Team


Patch Notes – Update 7.9

Bug Fixes:

– Fixed an issue where the user loses control of the character after using C4.

– Lowered the price for hiring army and turf war actions with Tier 3 army.

– Armored Truck mission have an increased reward now.

– Lowered the weapon cost in the Campaign.

– Character missions no longer raise heat and investigation with Sheriff Norris.