Update 8.1 has dropped on Epic Games, Xbox Series S|X & PlayStation 5


  • Rewards granted for completing campaign are tweaked.
  • Labels showing “New” items were incorrectly marking some assets.
  • Some players experienced partial loss of input in “Loans” menu.
  • Black screen occasionally occurred while levelling up Baker.
  • Selecting “What’s next” no longer starts new campaign.
  • Player could see a strange map while loading in to game.
  • Heat badges in mission and in the Campaign Map sometimes did not correspond.
  • Texts would not be cut off correctly in some cases.
  • Player would sometimes see delayed load of avatar in Multiplayer lobby.
  • Police investigation gain was miscalculated on occasion.
  • Team Tab hint was not shown as part of onboarding.
  • Moving vegetation was causing visual issues in some missions.
  • “Pinned Down” mission was not generated in Campaign mode.
  • Mule booster could cause stutter for clients. This should no longer happen.
  • Account level experience points were not awarded properly for failed mission.
  • Character icon was not disabled in Urban Legends when said team member would die.
  • Wrong pop up message was displayed after player conquered all turfs in Single Player Campaign occasionally.
  • Player could have experienced visual duplication of “Boss” character in Multiplayer mode when rapidly changing screens.
  • Visual corruption when joining lobby was fixed.
  • Weapon attachments would not dissolve properly when approached close.
  • Shield on mounted gun will now move at same speed as rest of weapon.
  • Players can now see other players’ details.
  • Some characters had visual corruption on pants. Pants are fixed.
  • Ending campaign before receiving first level up would cause cards to be corrupted.
  • Final Campaign cutscene should not longer be disrupted by pop up windows.

Update 8.0 has arrived! Crime Boss: Rockay City’s 8th update is OUT NOW on Epic, Xbox Series X|S & PlayStation 5!

We’re happy to announce the 8th major update for Crime Boss: Rockay City – available on Epic, Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5

With this update, some major changes have been implemented, including an overhaul of the multiplayer progression system as well as some additions to the single-player campaign.

We believe that this update will provide a breath of fresh air for Crime Boss: Rockay City and a more rewarding experience for all our players.

Patch Notes – Update 8

General Changes

  • A new multiplayer progression system – gaining experience will award you with the ability to unlock various in-game items (e.g. throwables, weapons, heisters, weapon skins).
  • MP boss customization, allowing players to choose their own avatar from various character models.
  • New missions.
  • New equipment.
  • Previously, purchasable weapons were generated from a pool of all weapons – they will now be dependent on what has been unlocked through the new progression system.

SP Campaign

  • Current campaign runs will end and be reset to make way for the many plotline improvements.
    • Persistent progress between campaign runs, such as boss bonuses, will be preserved.
  • Readjusted single-player campaign length – streamlined for faster runs.
    • Condensed big heists.
    • Slightly increased investigation speed.
  • At the start of each new campaign run, all characters will begin at level 1.
  • Baker can earn experience and be leveled up if he is brought on missions.
  • The ‘Boss Cards’ progression system has been changed to align with the format of the MP progression system.
  • In SP, players can unlock perks with higher tiers during promotion.


  • New and improved progression system!
    • Players will be able to select and change their own Boss, leveling them up as they complete jobs. Level ups will give the option to unlock-
      • Gear.
      • Heisters, unique and common.
      • Weapon skins.
      • Weapons.
    • In the ‘Boss’ tab of the multiplayer menu, players can look upon their boss and see the fruits of their labor from playing missions and leveling up their character.
  • New missions. (Will be present in SP)
    • Compound.
    • Key Witness.
    • High-Security warehouse robbery. (variant of the warehouse missions)
  • New equipment. (Will be present in SP)
    • Extra bag.
    • Cluster grenade.
    • Placeable turret.
  • It is important to note that with the new update, players will have their multiplayer progression reset. However, to thank our newer users and longtime fans, those who already have played the multiplayer before 4/11/24 will receive exclusive in-game items!


  • Unresponsive bots in Dragon Dogs after the player passes certain points in missions.
  • Players should not be able to get out of bounds in Ranger’s first mission.
  • Bot characters now zip-tie all civilians they scream down. Not just one.
  • Gold Cup mission ‘Golf with the Dragon’ no longer allows players to jump over the broken bridge.
  • SWAT van in ‘Golf with the Dragon’ should now have proper collision.
  • Lootable C4 should no longer be obtainable until the crate containing it is opened first.
  • Bots will hide weapons faster.
  • Players should no longer get Dragon Dogs plotline after finishing it in the same run.
  • Civilians should be able to follow the player to the storage room in the Warehouse Police Raid mission.
  • Objective should no longer get stuck on “Get the briefcase” in Case Trade mission, if the bearer escapes.
  • Cars should not fly off the map.
  • Mission reward calculation should no longer exceed the total mission value.
  • Debrief screen should no longer show lobby as invite only.
  • Player can no longer enter state of softlock if options was opened in session browser.
  • Client can now operate the roll doors in Warehouse.
  • Highway Convoy restricted area fixed.
  • Doors in Turfwars should be unlocked (if unlockable).
  • Gold Cup Turrets now have 360 degrees rotation radius.
  • Task “Have money to pay the informer” in Dragon Dogs should now be correctly visualized.
  • Container Yard monster closets fixed.
  • Sound effect of weapon should no longer play while reloading.
  • Heavy SWAT enemy was sometimes only killable by headshot after removing helmet. This is no longer the case.
  • Bots sometimes ignored “loot” command; this should no longer happen.
  • Vaulting over obstacle no longer grants immunity to fall damage.
  • NPCs should no longer glitch while trying to run away from remote explosives.
  • Van should no longer drive through other vehicles.
  • Spamming buttons on game start should no longer result in input loss.
  • Attack turf button is properly visualized if player does not have enough funds.

Update 7.9 has landed! – Crime Boss Update 7.9 OUT NOW on Epic, Xbox Series X|S & PlayStation 5


🌴Update 7.9 has landed!

📈Introducing some rebalancing of Armored truck missions, weapon costs in the campaign and more!

Hello Bosses,

First of all, we would like to thank you for being with us and playing the game. We appreciate you a lot.

All your feedback has helped to make the game better and to improve the experience even further we will be addressing the lack of progression. This is a big change that will provide players with a goal, rewards and meaningful choices.

This update is coming on 16th April 2024 so please be prepared for the following changes:

1. Ongoing campaigns will be terminated due to changes to how campaigns will work.

2. Your progress in Multiplayer will be reset. Unlocked characters and weapons will be reset as the new system is not compatible with the current one.

3. As a thank you to all players who have played the game before 16th April 2024, you will be rewarded with 20x levels and some exclusive content to give you a head start in this new system.

“We hope you enjoy this new content and continue to help the game evolve in 2024.”

The Crime Boss: Rockay City Team


Patch Notes – Update 7.9

Bug Fixes:

– Fixed an issue where the user loses control of the character after using C4.

– Lowered the price for hiring army and turf war actions with Tier 3 army.

– Armored Truck mission have an increased reward now.

– Lowered the weapon cost in the Campaign.

– Character missions no longer raise heat and investigation with Sheriff Norris.