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Welcome everyone to the latest edition of RockON Magazine! Well, wasn’t that a wild ride! Crime Boss: Rockay City launched on Epic Games on the 28th on March! A super exciting moment for everyone involved and everyone here at the magazine. Our words are going to inspire a generation – of 90s throwbacks and retro-futro-gizmo loving fellows… Try saying that after a few glasses of the good stuff.

We know what our players think of the game and we agree – we think it’s great too! So snap! Or jinx? But we are not going to delve into that! We will let our loyal community delve into that – as they share their top tips and tricks for surviving the mean streets of Rockay City!

We also have an exclusive on-the-ground report from our Features Editor, Fran Ann McGann – who went out and about to get all the HOT GOSSIP from the citizens of Rockay (We also just needed to give her something to do.)

As the title says, Rockay City Never Sleeps and that’s because Rockay City is a living breathing entity, so you will see a lot more from Crime Boss: Rockay City in the future. But for now, just buckle up and RockON!

Crime Boss: Rockay City is available now on Epic Games

BOSS GOSSIP! On-Airing Dirty Laundry! Crabs Move into Downtown. Wrist-ness Report – “I was backwards!”

Report by Fran Ann McGann

Rockay City Talk Radio is finally back on the air after the antenna used to broadcast the station was taken down and used as an oversize laundry line.

Eyewitness Karen Mclaren from West Flammingo said “One day I was just walking little Gigi – my Chihuahua, and then all of a sudden my gaze was altered by something horrific.”

“I am usually attracted to a quaint open space where little Gigi likes to play, but I was suddenly looking at a shiny metal pointy thing! It was a shock indeed – I have never seen underwear so… flowery! Ghastly! Luckily, Gigi got hold of them – after that, I’d never seen underwear so holey… so all that ends well.”

Karen Mclaren – West Flammingo

Those who know Downtown Rockay well, will know that the high restaurant prices, the expensive cocktails and the constant threat of a turf wars can make you feel a little crabby at times. But the threat of actual crabs making you feel actually crabby was something none of us expected. I went to Downtown to investigate future.

The crabs were unavailable for an interview, mainly because crabs cannot talk but while I was there, I got hungry and I bought some crab mac and cheese with a side of Rockay Bay Biscuits… So not a wasted trip after all!

Fran Ann McGann – RockON Magazine

“Wait, how much am I getting paid to give you my story?”

“Anywhooo, I was minding my own damn business, staring blankly into a shop window – as you do and all of a sudden I was told to “GET DOWN ON THE GROUND”. Now, even though I was backwards to the guy, I could see his reflexion in the shop window as he tied me up by the wrists. I real dashing fellow, and that made me pretty jealous – mainly because of his hat. His hat, his handsome face, the fact he was clearly going places – straight into the liquor store, and he was clearly not going to pay for any of it… le sigh… Am… I going to get paid now?”

Brad Chad – Lower Haven


Look, we get it, becoming the number one crime boss is not always easy. There is a lot to think about and WHO KNEW there would be so much admin!!!

Talking of admin… due to TOO much admin on our end, we thought we would ask our Reddit and Discord community to help us with our work. I MEAN, share a few tips and tricks for everyone within the Crime Boss community.

We received SO FEW responses, it was very easy to highlight a selection of them for this thrilling segment of TRICKS OF THE TRADE! (Actually I joke with you! We received SO MANY responses, we will keep this segment running until the tips and tricks run dry.

Thank you to those who contributed to the article! You are FOREVER in our cold hearts!

A Bag of Tricks – When grabbing loot, don’t collect a bag and move it, one or two at a time. Instead just keep on collecting and throw bags on the floor. Call team to you (tab, then Q) if needed. AI will pick up the bags and bring it to van. After you have cleaned out the location (or it’s getting too hot for comfort) grab the last bag or two and go to the van. (NLxAROSA)

On a Mission – Some lovely design things: Don’t reload in turf attacks; instead, pick up dropped enemy weapons. Don’t worry about doing everything right the first time; some great stories only happen if you fail! Pay attention to mission titles/descriptions; they tell you more than the icon. You can take over multiple turfs with a single attack; separate a neighbourhood from the rest of the gang’s territory. (rtkz)

Know the Drill – When waiting for a drill to finish or the van to come and you want your crew to use their primaries, take a couple steps away and have them hold position so they won’t grab bags and can fight. (Krul)

You and Whose Army – On perks, the one that has more starting soldiers and bigger army capacity is also invaluable…the more you can take over initially the cheaper easier it will be later on. Also if you manage to take over four in day one your respect will go up, opening up the missions to upgrade army tier and getting better people to hire. (HammondsAmmonds)

Cheap and Nasty – Get some cheap heisters at the start of the game for the low risk jobs. You can level them up and have some nice backup heisters for later on if you don’t want to spend money on expensive heisters or want to run multiple heists in one day for maximum profit. (Decker)

Enough is Enough – You don’t have to collect all the loot. When collecting, you’ll hear Nasara ask how far along you are and one of your team respond: about half way. Keep on collecting and at some point one of the team will say something like: we got enough. Nasara will respond: are you sure? Team member will say: yeah. That means you have enough for the objective and you can leave. Or collect more if you feel its safe. (NLxAROSA)

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