“Going Loud” – Combat Boss Build in Crime Boss: Rockay City


Hello! We’re back again with another Boss character build for Crime Boss: Rockay City!

In our previous post, we focused on stealth and infiltration. This included silenced weapons, equipment to help case the job, and perks designed to keep you out of sight while simultaneously ensuring no one escapes yours. You can check out the “Going Silent” build here:

505 Games » “Going silent” – Stealth Boss Build in Crime Boss: Rockay City

However, being a clandestine robber can sometimes be too slow, unnecessary, or straight-up impossible. For these missions and situations, professionalism must be thrown out the window in favor of a more “shock and awe” approach. Time to deal some damage!

As noted in the post above, these builds apply to your multiplayer boss and not necessarily for single-player heisters, though they can be used for inspiration. Let’s get into it!


Primary: The Urban Striker

Bottom of the barrel in terms of accuracy, ammo capacity, and reload time, but wait! Don’t brush it off yet because this drum-fed semi-auto shotgun packs a serious punch. Keep it loaded because, though this may sound counterintuitive, this will be acting as your secondary. When things get hot and the pressure is on, pull out the Striker and feel your worries wash away as you quickly dispatch large groups of opposing forces at once or deal massive damage to unique enemies like heavies and shields. If used effectively and accurately, it’s an extremely deadly weapon, especially in tight spaces.

Secondary: Glizzy R+

The Glizzy R+ is a heavily modified version of its base counterpart. Sporting a red dot sight, compensator, and extended magazine, it can let off shots in rapid succession while maintaining relatively high accuracy. The damage output is low, but with the short reload time, enemies won’t have long before they’re back in your sights. This is a perfect sidearm when hauling loot—a full team with this weapon equipped might not even have to worry about dropping bags to switch to their primaries.

Equipment: Cluster Grenade

Exactly what it sounds like—a handheld cluster bomb! Throw it down a full corridor and see just how quickly it clears out, or put some arch in it and create a rudimentary air burst. Be careful though, these things can be unpredictable and potentially cause a lot of collateral damage—blowing up civilians, cars, or even you and your team.

Boss Perks

Perk 1: Gun Nut

The Gun Nut perk increases your overall weapon handling. Faster reloads, decreased weapon sway, the ability to reload while sprinting, and a slight damage buff will ensure that no matter how outmanned you are, the enemy will always be outgunned.

Perk 2: Marksman

The Marksman perk gives your boss a further increase in firearm damage. It may not offer much, but what it does offer is substantial. With the combination of Marksman, Gun Nut, and the Urban Striker, you can expect most cops, gangsters, and guards to go down with little to no fight.

Perk 3: Comeback

As the primary damage dealer of your crew with this loadout, it’s important that you stay in the fight for as long as possible. The Comeback perk ensures you do, granting you an extra revive. Just make sure you bring someone reliable along to pick you up.

What’s Your Build?

If you want to suggest a build, improve on ours or want more of these in the future, join our discord or let us know our Steam suggestion sub-forum . See you in Rockay City!

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